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A list of most of the major historical stories told on AIO.  Some are historical fiction and others are faithful retellings of historical happenings.

The creation of the Julian calendar 387: New Year's Eve Live!
The story of Telemachus in ancient Rome 420: Telemachus, Part 1
421: Telemachus, Part 2
Saint Augustine makes Christmas a Christian holiday 434: BTV: Redeeming the Season
The story of Saint Patrick 394: Patrick: A Heart Afire, Part 1
395: Patrick: A Heart Afire, Part 2
The story of Saint Valentine 562: The Last "I Do"
The story of Saint Nicholas 434: BTV: Redeeming the Season
Martin Luther and the writing of "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" 242: Hymn Writers
An interview with John Bunyan 439: BTV: Grace
The voyage of Christopher Columbus 209: Columbus: The Grand Voyage
The story of William Tyndale 392: When In Doubt...Pray!
The early history of Christmas 253: A Time for Christmas
The history of Halloween 45: What Are We Going to Do About Halloween?
Shorty: History Moment: All Saint's Day
Corrections on the Pocahontas story Shorty: Biography Minute ? Pocahontas
The signing of the Declaration of Independence 33: The Day Independence Came
The beginning of the American Revolution: Paul Revere 197: The Midnight Ride
The beginning of the American Revolution: The battle at Lexington, The Battle at Bunker Hill 508: The American Revelation, Part 1
509: The American Revelation, Part 2
The War of 1812; the writing of the Star Spangled Banner 149: By Dawn's Early Light
John Newton and the writing of "Amazing Grace" 384: Amazing Grace
The story of Jamison Shoemaker (How Texas became a state) 47: A Single Vote
The Underground Railroad 314: The Underground Railroad, Part 1
315: The Underground Railroad, Part 2
316: The Underground Railroad, Part 3
The last weeks of Abraham Lincoln's life 104: Lincoln, Part 1
105: Lincoln, Part 2
The story of Rev. George Muller 392: When In Doubt...Pray!
The story of Horatio Spafford and the hymn "It is Well" 221: It Is Well
The story of Rev. James Clinger 402: Arizona Sunrise
Philip Bliss and the writing of "My Redeemer" 242: Hymn Writers
The story of Charles Finny 392: When In Doubt...Pray!
Thomas Edison 259: The Potential in Elliot
Fanny Crosby and the writing of her hymns 242: Hymn Writers
The attack on Pearl Harbor 175: East Winds, Raining
World War II 93: Rescue from Manatugo Point
94: Operation Dig-Out
270: The War Hero
The Vietnam War 28: The Price of Freedom
352: Memories of Jerry