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This page is still undergoing construction and research.  A few of the "facts" below may be incorrect at this time.

Before I even start into the depths of the complexities of the Blackgaard saga, I must warn you that it is a Tangled Web.  With so many subplots stretching to so many areas of Odyssey and even the books tied in, the discussion of this plot point nearly drives a few fans mad.  Once you delve into the depths of this issue, it's hard to find your way out.  Consider yourself adequately warned.

Let's start at the beginning (or as close to the beginning as we can come).


The Webster Development Company (which must be owned by Dr. Blackgaard) is first introduced in AIO19.  The Company builds mini-malls (AIO), and is involved in electronics (AIO and AIO).  In AIO84, Blackgaard tells Richard Maxwell that he tried to buy the Fillmore Recreation Center ("Whittaker's building") back when Whit bought it.  However, this would mean that he knew about the mineral before Whit (or that Whit bought the building for a reason other than to use it as his wife wanted).  Also, in AIO160, Bart says the Webster Development Company is putting in the Electric Palace and in AIO334, Glossman says Blackgaard owns the store (and is confirmed by Dunkee, the attorney, in AIO342).


Glossman worked at least partially for Blackgaard as far back as AIO19, since he so wanted the Webster Development Company to get the land.  We don't know how long Jellyfish worked for Blackgaard, only that he used to be in jail (was he in prison for other illegal Blackgaard activities) and got Richard Maxwell in trouble there.  After prison, Jellyfish was evidently either hired or brought back to work.  He may or may not have known the entire overall world domination plan.

Richard Maxwell seems to have been hired by Blackgaard after the "changing grades" incidents at Campbell County Community College Computers.  (AIO -- "I've got a better job lined up, anyway.")  He was led to Blackgaard by Greg Kelly, another former Blackgaard employee and former friend of Maxwell (AIO).   Maxwell must have a very checkered past (of which we have never heard the details) because Blackgaard says that "we both know you are guilty of far worse crimes than changing the grades of a few eggheads at the college" and then threatens "perhaps you would like me to pick up the phone and (tell the police)".   Richard begs him not to (AIO).  At least a few of these activities are known to the police because Blackgaard says Richard has a "less than shining track record" with the police (AIO). Richard is wonderful with computers (AIO -- he indirectly uses them to change grades, AIO -- he hacks into other systems, AIO -- he knows how to rig one to "self-destruct" and knows how to "sabotage remote control gizmos", AIO -- he helps Eugene with computer code)  In one way or another, Richard is responsible for destroying all three of Blackgaard's major schemes.  He burns down Blackgaard's shop (AIO); he helps Whit destroy the government computer Blackgaard is trying to steal (AIO); and he finds where Blackgaard is (AIO), helps Eugene with computer code (AIO), and leads Jason and Eugene on the right track (AIO).

Joe, barely worth mentioning, is the "guy serving drinks" at Blackgaard's castle. (AIO)

Greg Kelly is a Blackgaard employee we about whom we know very little.  We only know he is a former friend of Maxwell and led him to Blackgaard (AIO).  He has been caught by the police before for his actions (AIO -- "I can't afford to get caught, not again").  It seems possible that some of those things he was caught for were some of the same "worse crimes" that Maxwell was involved in as well when he was his friend.  Kelly accidentally steals a government computer for Blackgaard.  He was apparently employed to steal car radios.  (AIO)  We never find out why someone with global domination plans like Blackgaard would care about stealing something as insignificant as car radios.  Perhaps they were for his cover of an electronics business.  Kelly is apparently killed ("taken care of") in AIO.

Pinky is another employee about whom little is known.  We see him only in AIO and AIO.  We don't know how he came to know Blackgaard or why he works for him.  We can only assume, however, that he is taken into custody by the police and probably didn't know the "bigger plan".

Frank Phillips is apparently an agent of the Chicago police, another college of Blackgaard's.  He is seen only in AIO and AIO.  We know little about what has happened to him before the Chicago incident, but he made have had his hand in   "international intrigue" as evidenced by his comments about "other agencies".  We know nothing about him after Chicago incident, but from the situation, it seems unlikely he was arrested, at least immediately.  He may have known more about the master plan if indeed the computer did contain info about the virus, etc.  See below.

Filby is an (double-crossing) agent of European Security who seemed to have worked with Blackgaard, but knew little about him since he said "he knew nothing".   (Earlier, though, he says Blackgaard is "clever, very clever" (AIO).   (More detail below.)

Mustafa, part of a terrorist organization called Red Scorpion, was either working with Blackgaard, or thinking he was working with Blackgaard for a time in Switzerland.   However, there were so many double-crosses and turncoats in this arrangement, it is clear that Mustafa and Blackgaard were only using each other (AIO). He did not know Blackgaard's maser plan, and knew little about the Ruku virus (AIO). (More detail below.)

Tasha Forbes at a time thought Dr. Blackgaard was just an innocent bystander, but was accidentally working for him the whole time. (AIO)

Bill Jenkins


Bart and Rodney

The Bones of Rath

Jellyfish coordinated Blackgaard's minor crime and violence in Odyssey in Darkness before Dawn (the final assault), and knew some of his plans (such as blowing up the tunnel), but it is unlikely he knew the world-domination type stuff.

Professor Bovril worked for Blackgaard for much of Darkness Before Dawn and likely knew the entire plan. (More details below.)

Whit worked for the Department of Defense as a special agent (AIO) long before he owned Whit's End (AIO).  Perhaps around the time that he bought Whit's End, Whit began working with Tasha Forbes on the Rukuta (Ruku) virus (AIO)for either the Defense Department (which he worked for) or the National Security Agency (which Tasha worked for (AIO)). 

While they were working on this virus, Whit developed an incredibly powerful computer program called Applesauce (AIO) which made advances in their research which never could have been achieved otherwise (AIO).  Applesauce was installed on MABEL, the computer which controlled Whit's End (AIO).  When run, it would

Whit knew about the very special mineral (aka "The Silent One" (AIO)) either just before he owned Whit's End or very soon after the time  During this time, they worked with Hans Tessler (AIO), who was actually a double agent for Pakistan.




The Mineral

Tasha in all of this

When did Blackgaard know what?

What was the whole incident in Chicago?

Edgebiter Chemical Incident

Why does Blackgaard appear in the newspaper in "Double Trouble"?  He was working on computer code. For what? Why? Later Whit says that he knows Blackgaard is still overseas.

Why did Glossman want to build a highway through Tom's farm?  To get rid of him?