Classics 6: The King's Quest

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Essential Facts:
Writer: Paul McCusker

Mark Prescott is not in Odyssey anymore. The Imagination Station has propelled him back in time to the era of brave knights, great castles, an evil nobleman, and a good king. Now Mark finds himself in the middle of a quest for the king to retrieve a precious ring. But first he has to survive the wicked Sir Cardoc's plans for him! And then he and the val- iant Sir Owen will have to find and do battle with the most dangerous creature in the realm.

Important Characters:

Julie Prescott, Richard Prescott, Mark Prescott, Whit, *Sir Miles of Brandon, *Sir Owwen, *Slothgrowl, *Sir Cardoc, *Peregrine, *King Arthur


Rating: 4 stars


Contains an Imagination Station adventure.


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