Classics 7: Danger Lies Ahead

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Essential Facts:
Writer: Paul McCusker

Things have been a bit strange around Odyssey lately. My name is Jack Davis. My friend Lucy just told me that an escaped convict could be heading straight for our town. On top of that, I know that Joe Devlin the school bully is repeating 6th grade. I'm not sure which of the two I should be more afraid of. And if that wasn't enough, that new kid, Colin, has been telling me some REALLY wild stuff. I'm not sure what to think, but I could sure use your help in figuring out who to trust!

Important Characters:

Colin Francis, Jack Davis, Mark Prescott, Patti Eldridge, Oscar Peterson, Lucy Cunningham-Schultz, Joe Devlin, Mrs. Bierdermann, Mr. Felegy, Officer Quinn, Whit, Donald Davis, Al Davis, Helen Davis, Justin Morgan, Karen Willard, Henry Hecht, Katie Dutton, Vicki, Melissa Farmer, Robyn Jacobs, Officer Marsh, Mr. Vanderkam, Ruth Vanderkam


Rating: 3 1/2 stars


This book was told from the first hand perspective of Jack Davis.


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