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The Complete Guide to Adventures in Odyssey
Complete Guide Author:
Phil Lollar

A phenomenal reference for any AIO fan, new or old.  Comprehensive information on all everything in AIO history up to 1996.  Inside notes, trivia, stories, and plot summaries.  An invaluable reference with hours of entertainment.

Some of my favorite parts of the book include the introductory material on how AIO was created, the interviews with the cast and crew, and the "Year in Review" summaries.   However, my very favorite parts of the book are the little notes after certain episodes that describe how they made the episodes or certain incidents that happened during the recording.  These insights give us a bit of a glimpse of the world or AIO production.

Rating: 4 stars

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GOOF ALERTS!  There are numerous goofs throughout the Guide.  These goofs are no doubt due to the immense volume of information in the book.  Several of the episode goofs may be due to cuts in the episodes.  Some are listed below.

  • The entry for 238: For Thine Is the Kingdom says that Courtney "walks into the path of an oncoming car." In the episode, she rode her bike in front of a car. (Contributed by James M)
  • While not necessarily a goof, the summary for 70, 71: The Return of Harley, Parts 1 & 2 ends with "There's one more twist to the'll enjoy finding out for yourself and discovering that appearances can be deceiving." Since this episode has been discontinued and hasn't aired since 1989, the question exactly will you enjoy finding out? There's no way to hear it! (Contributed by James M)
  • The entry for  179: You Gotta Be Wise says that the Bones of Wrath have a song called "Beasts of Hades." This song is never mentioned in the show.
  • The entry for  4: Connie Comes To Town says that "Bobby is so smittens in fact, that he plans on sitting next to Connie when she flies back to L.A."  In the episode, Connie and Bobby both had bus tickets.  (Thanks to Audrey for the information!)
  • The book entry for AIO321: Hidden in My Heart says that the episode has a character called Mr. Schlock.  The character is in fact called Crock.
  • In the Appendix Cast Listing, there are various episodes left from certain people and certain people are left out all together.  Some of them are intentional (actors that did not wish to be included) and others are simply mistakes.   And, strangely, there are a few episodes included that never aired.  Under Phil Lollar (Dale Jacobs), Erin Bolte (Melanie Jacobs), and Sage Bolte (Robyn Jacobs), there is an episode called Backwoods Jacobs listed.  This episode was never produced.  The same goes for Donald Long's listing as Sam and Chuck Bolte's listing as George in "One-in-Ten," another nonexistent episode.  Under Nathan Carlson, it lists him as being "Nathan" in The Imagination Station I, II, and III.  Not only was that just a two-part episode, Mr. Carlson played "John Mark" in that episode. He played Nathan in "The Underground Railroad" three-parter. Chuck Bolte is listed as playing "Dale Jacobs" in three episodes, but Phil Lollar is the only one who played this part. (Contributed by Nathan Hoobler, OdysseyFan, JJ Crockroft, and James M)
  • The book's entry for AIO237: Deliver Us from Evil says that it is the only show that Hal Smith appeared in where he didn't play the character of Whit.  However, Hal Smith also appeared in AIO58: A Matter of Obedience, which did not include Whit.  He also appeared in 258: Aloha, Oy!, Part 3, which did not include Whit.
  • The book's entry for AIO207: The Case of the Candid Camera lists Whit as a person in the episode.  Whit does not appear in the episode.  Additionally, it contains a description of an incident that did not actually occur in the episode.  It speaks of Whit quoting a Bible verse while giving the award to Denver.  (Thanks to SCWoody.)
  • The book's entry for AIO349: Blessings in Disguise is way off.  It has a mysterious characters named Shane who seems to be replaced by Glenn in the actual version.  Additionally, the plot is much different.  The book describes Brenda trying to become her "made up self" by playing tennis and has Thor showing up suddenly hanging posters.  This didn't happen in the actual version. (Contributed by SCWoody) The obvious question is how did this entry get so messed up?  Here's a guess.  The episode is "written by" April Dammann and Marshal Younger.   I'm guessing April wrote the episode and it was given to the AIO staff and her version is what's given in the book.  Marshal Younger perhaps took the episode and rewrote it to make it fit more into AIO.  Again, this is only a guess.
  • The book's entry for AIO127: Have You No Selpurcs? lists the movie that Lucy sees as My Little Unicorn.  In fact, the movie is Besty the Bumblebee. (Contributed by OdysseyFan)
  • On page 67, the picture of Whit and Eugene is reversed.  Notice the "Whit's End" sign in the background and compare with the picture on page 232. (Contributed by OdysseyFan)
  • The book's entry for AIO200: Feud for Thought lists Hiram Meltsner's friend as Harry Reams.  His name is actually Ralph Reams. (Contributed by OdysseyFan)
  • The entry for AIO214: The Living Nativity lists the store near City Hall as "Barney's Appliance Cave".  The real name is "King's Appliance Cave".  It seems to be run by the same Mr. King who runs "King's Bookstore". (Contributed by OdysseyFan)
  • The entry for AIO115: An Act of Mercy says that they didn't have a name for Rodney's father yet.  However, Whit does say that he ran into Bart Rathbone at the grocery store.  It is also true, however, that Officer O'Ryan calls him "Bill". (Contributed by Angus.)
  • The entry for AIO350: The Time of Our Lives says that after Kathy spends ten years at the mall she finds that her brother has gone to war.   This does not occur in the episode.
  • The entry for AIO42: The Last Great Adventure of the Summer says that Whit asks if they would drop some garbeage bags in the dumpster on their way out.  In the episode Terry and George volunteer to take out the trash.  Also, the book says "Maxim...suddenly pushes Terry's dad off the roof."  In the episode Nigel pushes him off the roof. (Contributed by OdysseyFan)
  • The entry for AIO102: The Treasure of Le Monde! says that Professor Webster followed our heroes to the cave.   In the episode Whit, Connie, & Robyn actually go after the professor. (Contributed by OdysseyFan)
  • The entry for 194: A License to Drive says Eugene wants to read the Odyssey Traffic Manuel to study. That was Connie's idea. Eugene's was to study the Cambell County Penal Code. (Contributed by JJ Crockroft)
  • The entry for 354: Blind Justice says that Justice was served in Odyssey.  Actually, it was served in Connellsville. Benard says, "I didn't want to come Eugene. I was forced by a slip of paper that came in the mail that said to go to Connellsville and I did." (Contributed by JJ Crockroft)
  • The entry for 181: It Takes Integrity says that Curt says "all is fair in love and war".  Curt never says that. (Contributed by JJ Crockroft)
  • The entry for 329: The Return says that Regis gives Edwin two choices—he can help him or leave town. In the show he actually says Edwin can help him or he will make Edwin's life very miserable. Edwin begs to leave town. (Contributed by JJ Crockroft)
  • The goof listing on page 189 says that Connie "has been 16 years old throughout the run of Adventures in Odyssey". Well, not quite.   In 49: Thank You, God, June says Connie is 15. (Contributed by JJ Crockroft)
  • The study questions for 118: What Happened to the Silver Streak? are actually the study questions for the original episode 21: The Case of the Missing Train Car.  They refer to Tom Riley, who is not in the episode.  Also, they say that Connie said Michelle was "just no good".  She didn't say that in this version.
  • The entry for 182: The Scales of Justice says that Rodney shows up on the 89th day. When in the real show, he showed up on the 90th day. (Contributed by JJ Crockroft)
  • The entry for 355: The Search for Whit says that Tasha informs Jason that Whit is possibly endangered by The Symposium and First Things.  However, in the episode, Alfred Brownlee tells him. (Contributed by JJ Crockroft)
  • The entry for 12: The Tangled Web says, "They dig into the box, and Connie comes across a story called 'The Tangled Web.' "  Actually Whit finds the story and asks Connie to read it. (Contributed by Gideon Slife)
  • The entry for 304: St. Paul: The Man from Tarsus / 305: St. Paul: Set Apart by God says the scripture reference for the episode is Acts 24-28.  The scripture reference should be Acts 6:8-8:1, 9:1-31.
  • The "What's in a Name?" section on page 149 lists "Bedford Forrest" for the 168: The Curse.  His name is in fact Nathan Forrest. (Contributed by JJ Crockroft)
  • The entry for 331: Checkmate adds information that did not take place in the episode.  It says.  "Jason, Sam, and Billy realize Butch either got the information wrong or double-crossed them. (They later discover it is the latter, after Butch was beaten up by the Bones, he opted to spy on the Isrealites.  For his own protection, Jason gets Butch out of town.)"  This never happened in the episode. Furthermore, at the bowling alley Rodney says that "WE do the same thing to you Isrealites" (spying), and Whit's End Jason said that Butch didn't get the facts wrong. (Contributed by JJ Crockroft)
  • The entry for 265: War of the Words says that this episode was the first instance of the name "Robert Skeed".  Actually the first instance came in 239: The Power. (Contributed by Anthony Strand)
  • The entry for 335 & 336: Love Is In the Air says that "Eugene pulls a ring from Jason out of his pocket.  Now Jason and Tasha are officially engaged."  Actually, the ring was Eugene's and it was intended for Katrina.   Futhermore, the entry says that Tasha tells Jason that Connie has a crush on him so Jason goes to talk to her.  It is actually Jack who tells him.  Then it says that Jack asks Connie if she has a crush on Jason and Connie admits that she does!  In the episode, their conversation has little to do with Jason. (Contributed by JJ Crockroft)
  • The entry for 134: Pamela Has a Problem says that Pam's parents came because they "sensed something was wrong on the phone."  In the actual episode, they came because Pam's boyfriend told them she was pregnant.
  • The entry for 216: Like Father, Like Son says that Matt Hurwitz filled in for Steve Burns for the voice of Rodney Rathbone.  However, the cast listing in the back of the book lists both of them for the part in that episode. (Contributed by Gideon Slife.)
  • The entry for 364: Home, Sweet Home says that "She [Connie] desperately hitches a ride on the back of Harlow Doyle’s mo-ped. But his police scanner picks up a crime in progress. Instead of going to Whit’s End, they take off for the crime scene. Connie hops off the moped and runs to Whit’s End." This never happened in the episode.  Connie just ran to Whit's End.  (Contributed by Jared.)
  • The entry for 203: Double Trouble says that "Whit...breaks one of the cardinal rules of Whit's End: He hangs up one of Edwin's posters in the window." Whit hung an article about Dr. Blackgaard being overseas, not one of Edwin's posters. (Contributed by Jonathan.)