Exit, the dramatic conclusion to the Novacom storyline that began over a year and half ago, aired Saturday, July 6. In celebration of the event, AIOHQ and The Soda Fountain teamed up to provide you with clips of important moments from the story arc. Every day from June 24 until July 5, both AIOHQ and The Soda Fountain posted different clip from the arc. Check out our archive here or head to the Soda Fountain's archive.  
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Saturday, July 6
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Applesauce strikes again
Andromeda had needed the Imagination Station all along to use it to upload Eugene's technology to radio
towers around the world. Unfortunately, when Tom and Whit found out the Station was part of the upload Whit was on his cell phone with Mr. Charles. Jason tried everything he knew to stop the Station, but ran out of ideas. Reaching desperation, Jason finally got a call from Whit. Whit told Tom to use Applesauce. (Apparently Whit had hidden a copy of the program in the Station years ago when he publicly deleted all other copies.) Tom loaded Applesauce. "Level One" of the program does a system check which destroys the electronic systems it resides in. Tom pushed the red button on the Station and ran for his life! Applesauce took control of the Imagination Station and started cycling through the many programs that have been used over the years. Finally, the Imagination Station shut down completely, it's processing powers destroyed. Andromeda and Novacom were defeated...for now.
Source: Exit

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Airing this Week

Monday, June 24
Opportunity Knocks: Novacom Comes to Town
Tuesday, June 25
The W. E.: Mary asks Whit to open Whit's End Connellsville
Wednesday, June 26
Chains, Part 2: Tony confesses
Thursday, June 27
Breaking Point: Mr. X appears
Friday, June 28
Grand Opening, Part 2: A Report on the Conversion of Brain Waves to Radio Waves
Saturday, June 29
Plan B, Part 1: Missing in Action: The Research Stolen
Sunday, June 30
Plan B, Part 3: Crossfire: The Package Changes Hands...Again
Monday, July 1
Twisting Pathway: The Imagination Station is stolen!
Tuesday, July 2

Sheep's Clothing: Jason confronts Monica about stealing the disk
Wednesday, July 3
Exceptional Circumstances: Monica explains herself
Thursday, July 4
Expect the Worst: It All Comes Falling Down
Friday, July 5
Exactly as Planned: Cal reveals what he knows about the tower
Exactly as Planned: The Launch Date is today!