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11-27-2000 Dr. Blackgaard When will we hear from the Mulligans again? Nick is in several episodes airing this spring. Whether we'll hear from his
family again remains to be seen.
11-27-2000 Dr. Blackgaard How many classic albums is Focus planning on doing and what are the themes? Focus doesn't have a set number of classics albums they will be producing,
nor are all the themes selected. (The next classics album will have a
travel theme.)
11-27-2000 Dr. Blackgaard Is there any web site that I can get the lost episodes? such as "the Return of Harley", "A Look Back" and "BTV: Grace"? I don't know of any website where you can get these episodes. For many of
them (excluding the "Officer Harley" episodes), you can call Focus on the
Family and get them directly.
11-27-2000 Dr. Blackgaard What is the title of volume 35? While a title has been proposed for Volume 35, it hasn't been finalized yet.
11-27-2000 Dr. Blackgaard Is there any way I can get a sound track of different Episodes (like
Patrick:A Hear Afire" and "The Great Wishy Woz")?
That's a great idea and I wish there was a way. Currently there is no way to get the soundtracks to any episodes aside from hearing the music in the background. I, for one, am hoping that in the future Focus will put out some sort of "Music of Odyssey" CD.
11-27-2000 Dr. Blackgaard How often does the official site update it's script? Right now it's rather irregular. They've had three different scripts up so far. (if you want them e-mail OdysseyFan