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Kid's Activity Book | At Whit's End game | 50 piece puzzle | Peel & Play | Create-A-Scene | Imagination Station Board Game

Kid's Activity Book
This is a "forerunner" to the Activity Packs.  It is still available from Focus on the Family (Item number BB900)
At Whit's End game
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"Mr. Whittaker, the eccentric inventor from Adventures in Odyssey, is somewhere in his Whit's End store---but where? Which room? What floor? The challenge is for your Odyssey fans ages 6 and up to find him, answering Bible questions and playing charades along the way. And the first player who locates Whit (by spelling his name with game cards) wins!"
AIO 50 piece puzzle
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"Odyssey fans will love this adventure: piecing together a colorful floor puzzle depicting Whit and the kids as they survey the latest of his crazy imaginative inventions! Perfect for rainy indoor afternoons, this fun-filled family project includes a parents' guide, providing suggestions for games that reinforce biblical values heard on the radio show! For ages 4 and up."

Item not currently available.

AIO Peel & Play
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"Creativity and biblical values get a big boost with this go-anywhere activity kit! Kids ages 3 and up will spend endless hours of amusement placing 40 reusable stickers of Odyssey characters on the sturdy play surface that features a scene of Whit's Inn. Includes a parents' guide with suggestions for play. 18" x 12", with cut-out handles."

Item not currently available.

AIO Create-a-Scene
create.jpg (12859 bytes) CBD Description:
"Now your kids can create and decorate 11 cool scenes from Adventures in Odyssey! This activity pack includes watercolor paints, a brush, glitter glue, and a frame."
Package Description:
Includes: 11 coloring sheets, 6 watercolors and tray, 1 paint brush, 1 tube of glitter glue, 1 "Decorate your own" picture frame

Item not currently available.

Imagination Station board game
CBD Description:
"Enter the Imagination Station, and travel to the past, present, or future in search of chips that make up the Diamonds of Virtues. Your children will have hours of fun playing this exciting new board game from Adventures in Odyssey and Focus on the Family---while learning about love, truth, faith, forgiveness, self-control, loyalty, courage, and trust! Ages 6 and up."

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Aside from the names "Imagination Station", "Room of Consequence", and "Transmuter", and a few illustrations throughout the game, there are really very few ties to the audio series. Most of the pictures on the cards, board, etc. are from the video series, but the game is not really based on any storylines per se. In other words, the exact same game could probably be applied to another franchise (like Veggie Tales) by simply changing the illustrations and a couple names.

However, the game is rather interesting and fun to play, especially for younger children. Also it has some interesting choices, such as where you can decide whether you will help another stuck player or not.

As far as "lessons" from the game, I would have rathered that the Bible verses be incorporated a little more into the game. As it is, only the reference is given on cards and you have to look it up on the instructions (or in the Bible yourself).

If you're looking for game that incorporates a lot of elements and characters from the audio series and teaches a lot of lessons, I'm afraid this isn't the one. However, if you're looking for just a fun, rather simple little game that is wholesome, search no further.

Rating: 3 stars