Rob Jorgensen

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Live Foley
Technical Advisor
Production Engineer (1999 to 2002)

I started in radio when I was seventeen as a disc-jockey at a 1,000 watt daylight AM Christian station in Boise, Idaho. KSPD was about the only station in town at the time that played contemporary Christian music, and, of course, Adventures in Odyssey. That was my introduction to the program, and I have loved it ever since. I moved on from there when I got to college and worked for the number 1 medium market station in the country at the time, KCIX. We played middle-of-the-road Adult Contemporary music.

After college, I got a job at a great agency in the Seattle area called The Raymond Group. There I produced some exciting Christian programming, much of which is still on the air on many facilities across the country.

My wife and I arrived in Colorado Springs to work for Focus on the Family in 1994. I have held several positions there, including editing Doctor Dobson's daily radio program, producing Focus on the Family Weekend, and producing promotional material for Focus' internal agency, Briargate Media. Mark and Dave invited me to join the Odyssey team in April of '99, and I have been working with them since May of '99.

When I'm not producing (in my opinion) the greatest radio drama on the planet, my interests orbit very closely around my work world. I am an avid (some might say rabid) antique microphone collector (subtle hint to send me any and all mics you may have sitting around), and I absolutely love radio from the Golden Age—Fibber McGee and Molly, The Shadow, Duffy's Tavern, Abbot and Costello, etc. I also stay extremely busy in my home studio. I run a small business on the side producing programming for various organizations, including some national programs that you've heard of. When I'm not reading or playing my guitar, I spend as much time as possible with my wife, who is expecting the arrival of our first child in February, 2000.

Update: Rob is now a production engineer for Radio Theatre and the father of two children.

Live Foley

502: Live at the 25

Technical Advisor

515: BTV: Behind the Scenes

Production Engineer

422: Passages, Part 1
423: Passages, Part 2
427: Something Cliqued Between Us
428: The Eternal Birthday/Imaginary Friend (Split)
431: Where There's Smoke/The Virtual Kid (Split)
435: A Look Back, Part 1
436: A Look Back, Part 2
437: Sunset Bowlawater/The Long Way Home (Split)
440: I Slap Floor
442: Two Roads/Sticks and Stones (Split)
444a: Career Moves (Split)
446: A Matter of Manners/The Seven Deadly Dwarves (Split)
448: Mandy's Debut (It's All My Fault/I'll Do It My Way) (Split)
449: The Big Deal, Part 1
450: The Big Deal, Part 2
453: The Great Wishy Woz, Part 1
454: The Great Wishy Woz, Part 2
458: Red Herring
459: Slumber Party
464: The Triangle, Part 1
465: The Triangle, Part 2
466: Snow Day
467: Broken Window
470: Break a Leg
473: Breaking Point
474: Shining Armor, Part 1
475: Shining Armor, Part 2
478: Strange Boy in a Strange Land
480: The Popsicle Kid
484: Plan B, Part 1: Missing in Action
485: Plan B, Part 2: Collision Course
491: The Black Veil, Part 2

494: Box of Miracles
499: Exit
548: Sounds Like a Mystery
554: Call Me if You Care
557: A Lamb's Tale
559: The Coolest Dog