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AIO often references other forms of media.  Here are a few examples of the most common references below.

Andy Griffith Show | Star Trek | Star Wars | It's a Wonderful Life | C. S. Lewis

The Andy Griffith Show references:
  • In 169: Hold Up!, the thief asks Connie about "an autographed picture of Andy Griffith".  Connie says that Whit is "a big fan".   This refers to Hal Smith's role as Otis Campbell on "The Andy Griffith Show".
  • In 278: The Fifth House on the Left, Part 1, Kelsey continually refers to Eugene's hometown as Mayberry, which is, of course, the town in the Andy Griffith Show.
  • In 297: Blackbeard's Treasure, there is a sheriff named Randy and a deputy named Arnie.  In "The Andy Griffith Show", there is a sheriff named Andy and a deputy named Barney.
  • The title of 340 & 341: Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D., Parts 1 & 2 may be a reference to Mayberry, RFD, a short-lived spinoff series of The Andy Griffith Show. (Contributed by Jonathan)
Star Trek references:
  • In 144: Someone to Watch Over Me, while Jimmy and Nagle are in the space ship, Jimmy asks if his enemy is "Grimmulin", which is very close to "Rommulin" from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Also Nagle uses "phasers"—Star Trek weapons. (Thanks to Paul Basar)
  • In 204: Wonderworld, Jimmy says he is agent THX-1138.  This refers to George Lucas's previous movie, THX-1138.  Additionally, Lawrence says he is agent NCC-1701, which refers to the serial number of the Enterprise from the original "Star Trek" series. (It's the number on the outside of the ship.)
  • In 209: Columbus: The Grand Voyage, while speaking to Columbus, Lawrence says the entire "slogan" of Star Trek: The Original Series: "To discover strange new lands and new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before!"
  • In 240: And the Glory, Pete says he asked his catcher if he saw the latest "Star Quest" episode.
  • In 255: The Boy who Cried 'Destructo!', Lawrence says, "Call 911.  Get Captain Kirk on the phone." This refers to William Shatner, who both played Captain Kirk and hosted "Rescue 911".
  • In 321: Hidden in My Heart, the entire second half of the program is a parody of the original Star Trek series.
  • In 384: Amazing Grace, a person (who has a Scottish accent like "Scotty") says "The ship can't take much more of this, captain." (Contributed by Michael)
  • In 416: The Tower, one of the bad guys says, "Resistance is futile", which is the chant or call sign of the Borg, the most lethal enemy of the crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation. (Thanks to OdysseyFan)
Star Wars references:
  • In 32: Family Vacation, Part 2, Jimmy suggests using light sabers and talks about rebel space pilots and the "evil overlords".
  • In 35: VBS Blues, Mugsy and his gang say that the play is "like than Star Wars" and reenact a light saber battle and say "Luke, I am your father."
  • In 122: Castles & Cauldrons, Part 1, Whit drops a glass and gets a headache when the powers of evil are near.  This may be a vague reference to when Ben feels a great disturbance in the Force in Star Wars.
  • In 144: Someone to Watch Over Me, the villain "Grim" in the final fight in space sounds a lot like Darth Vader (a lot of holding the "s" sound in sentences) and shares some of his lines like "It is useless to resist," and "...face your destiny."  The entire scene sounds very similar to the final confrontation in The Empire Strikes Back.
  • In 204: Wonderworld, Jimmy says he is agent THX-1138.  This refers to George Lucas's previous movie, THX-1138.  Additionally, Lawrence says he is agent NCC-1701, which refers to the serial number of the Enterprise from the original "Star Trek" series. (It's the number on the outside of the ship.)
  • In 308: Subject Yourself, Lawrence is reading "Star fighter" magazine and says his headgear makes him look like something out of Star Wars.
  • In 376: Chores No More, when talking about a movie they saw last night, a character breathes and shields his voice like Darth Vader and says "Ivan, I am your father...and Mary Lou, the Ice Princess is your mother.
  • In 415: Gloobers, Dwayne says, "I have a very bad feeling about this," a common quote from the Star Wars universe.
  • In 452: Missionary: Impossible, Alex wears Star Wars underwear.
  • In 461: BTV: Obedience, Pat Filgis says Adam and Eve are from "a long time ago, in garden far, far away."  Star Wars occurs "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away..."
  • In 528: The Taming of the Two, Nick and Xavier have a lightsaber fight and Xavier talks like Darth Vader. The music sounds almost exactly like Star Wars. (Thanks to Sir Nobody.)
It's a Wonderful Life references:
  • All of the names of the Barclay family come from It's a Wonderful Life (IAWL).  The movie starred Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey and Donna Reed as Mary Bailey.  Barclay isn't too far off Bailey and George, Mary, Jimmy, and Donna are the family member's first names.   Baby Stewart Reed combined the last names of the actors.
  • In 54: Peace on Earth, after the whole town helps out the Barclays after they were robbed, George says, "I've never seen anything like this!".   Jimmy responds, "I saw something like it in a movie once."
  • In 116: Isaac the Benevolent, Connie and Whit discuss the plot of IAWL and Whit says its a great movie.
  • In 121: Missing Person, Isaac dreams that Rodney never existed.  This may be a vague reference to George's wish to never have been born in IAWL.
  • In 126: Wishful Thinking, Donna wishes that Jimmy never existed and gets her wish.  She sees how her life would be different without Jimmy.  This is similar to the plot of IAWL.
  • In 216: Like Father, Like Son, Eric Myers says, "It's what I get for praying," and attributes the line to "an old movie," which was of course IAWL.
  • In 239: The Power, Isaac Morton also says the line above, although he doesn't attribute its source.
  • In 253: A Time for Christmas, Courtney says that she'll watch IAWL to get in the Christmas spirit.
  • In 278: The Fifth House on the Left, Part 1, as Bernard is telling a Bible story to Mr. Smith-Hammer's daughter, she asks if it's an angel like in IAWL.
  • In 312: Rewards in Full, the character of Harry Wainwright comes from two characters in IAWL — Sam Wainwright, played by Frank Albertson and Harry Bailey, played by Todd Karns.
  • In 340 & 341: Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D., PartS 1 & 2 and 385 & 386: It's a Pokenberry Christmas, Parts 1 & 2, Barry Lionel, the rich man in Pokenberry Falls, is a parallel of Mr. Potter in IAWL.   In the movie Mr. Potter was played an actor named by Lionel Barrymore.
  • Also in those shows, Pokenberry Falls parallels Bedford Falls.
  • The entire double episode of It's a Pokenberry Christmas (385 & 386: It's a Pokenberry Christmas, Parts 1 & 2) is a parody (or borrowing) of the movie.  The characters in the story actually seem to know they are in a parody because they continually correct each other's lines.  Among the references:
    • Donna falls through the ice while sled-riding, just like the beginning of IAWL.
    • George's speech to Barry Lionel is a parallel of his counterpart in IAWL, including the phrase "warped, frustrated, old man", and the word "rabble".
    • When George refers to the town in adjectives, Jimmy tells him he left out measly.   George corrects himself.
    • When George comes home and sneezes, Mary says "God Bless You", and Jimmy follows up with "God Bless us, every one". Donna reprimands him with the line, "Wrong movie." (Thanks to Jonathan)
    • Jimmy is practicing the same song for the church that Geroge Bailey's child is practicing in IAWL.  George asks why he has to play it.  Jimmy, just as in the movie, is practicing for church.  Later, when George uses the same line from the movie to reprimand Jimmy for "playing over and over", Jimmy sarcastically says "O, Daddy!"
    • Ellis looses the money for the church and George looks for it and then he goes to beg Mr. Lionel for money and they both repeat many of the same lines as the movie.
    • George's line: "Somebody's going to Rupert and it isn't going to be me."
    • The subplot about Stewart's bike being broken, Stewart hurting his knee, George talking to the boy's mother on the phone, the boy's father kicking George out, etc.
    • The scene where George jumps off the bridge to save Eugene/Clerance.
    • After George says that he wishes he had never become a pastor, Eugene says that that is a familiar concept. In the same scene, George mentions he can't hear out of his ear, and attributes it to the icy water. In IAWL, his character can't hear because of a accidental swim in icy water as a kid, and after the swim to save Clarence, he can hear again. (Thanks to Jonathan)
    • "Every time a clock sounds a pastor comes around." vs. "Every time a bell an angel gets his wings." (Thanks to Stephen for the catch and fix!)
    • Of course, the entire second half of the show where George sees the world without him is very similar to IAWL's plot.
    • Eugene and Clerance share a few lines such as, "One man's life touches so many others, when he's not there it leaves an awfully big hole."
    • The ending where town's folks help out the Barclay's and where George loves his wife and children are parallels of IAWL.
    • At the end, Eugene thanks George "for the wings," and then clarifies "the buffalo wings".
C. S. Lewis references:
  • As first revealed in 73: A Bite of Applesauce, the key for the secret computer room in Whit's secret computer room is hidden in The Last Battle. While looking for the key, Connie mentions "Dawn Treader" and "Magician's Nephew."
  • In 86: Isaac the Insecure, Isaac and Jack do a report on the life of C.S. Lewis.
  • In 128: One Bad Apple, there is a security guard named "Edmund," a character from the Chronicles of Narnia.
  • In 238: For Thine Is the Kingdom, the "wise man" (who said that our spiritual walk is much like a play where the actors on stage know only the scene they are in) that Whit talked about is C. S. Lewis.
  • In 267: ...It Ended with a Handshake, Katrina mentions C. S. Lewis as she goes through books in Whit's library.
  • In 292: Siege at Jericho, the guard who comes to Rehab's house is named Ramandu, probably in honor of a character from C.S. Lewis's book The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
  • In 309: The Perfect Witness, Part 1, Jenny returns a book to Mr. Holstein and says she and her mother are almost finished with The Chronicles of Narnia.
  • In 339: Do, for a Change, Zachary says he and his mother have finished reading The Chronicles of Narnia.
  • In 352: Memories of Jerry, Connie is looking for Mere Christianity.
  • In 406: Malachi's Message, Part 1, Whit cites the "Lewis triumvirate" when talking about Malachi.  The Lewis Triumvirate, which is discussed in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (applied to Lucy by the professor) and Mere Christianity among other Lewis books states that there are three possibilities for Christ.  He was either a horrible liar, a raving lunatic, or who he claimed to be—the Lord of all.   Lewis used this to illustrate that you couldn't simply pass Jesus off as a "great teacher".  He had to be more than that.  Whit uses the same argument for Malachi.
  • In 412: A Lesson From Mike, Whit said Mike had checked out The Silver Chair, and says that he remembered Mike and his mother going through The Chronicles of Narnia.
  • The demon "convention" in 413: The Devil Made Me Do It may have been inspired by Screwtape's speech in Screwtape Proposes a Toast.
  • In 422 & 423: Passages, Parts 1 & 2, Alice and Timmy "slip" into Marus, similar to how the children in The Chronicles of Narnia slip into another world.  Marus is like Narnia in many ways, since it is another world with it's own laws, religions, and landmarks.  Alice said she experienced Marus so she could understand God better in our world.  Aslan says the same thing about Narnia in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  Like Narnia, the children agree not to tell anyone else about the "country".
  • In 464 & 465: The Triangle, Parts 1 & 2, Jenny Morrow gives talks on C. S. Lewis books and mentions The Allegory of Love and Beyond Personality. (Jenny also goes looking for The Allegory of Love at Jack's auction house and Jack gives the book to Whit years later.) Jenny and Whit talk about a book by G. K. Chesterton and mention that Lewis talked about the book as well.