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Welcome to the Spring 2005 Review Section. This is your chance to review the latest episode and interact with fans about the newest evelopments.

A note of about the ratings... All ratings are out of four unless otherwise noted.

567: Two Friends and a Truck

Episode Information

Consensus: Thumbs Up (36/37 positive reviews)

Reaction to Eugene's first "normal" episode is VERY positive. In fact, this episode is probably getting the most positive reviews of the season with words like "classic" and "great episode" being casually tossed around.

Nearly all reviewers enjoyed hearing Bernard, Connie, Whit, and Eugene together. Reviewers noted that their dialog and acting were top-notch. They also liked bringing back Leon Wankel from "No Way Out." The many references to episodes from "Wish You Were Here" proved enjoyable.

Most liked that the episode didn't focus on Eugene's recovery from amnesia, though a few wished we saw it on-screen. Some liked the re-use of lines from shows like "Room Mates" and "Fifth House on the Left." Others felt it was a little too much "copycat."

Finally, pretty much everyone agreed it was great to have Eugene back to normal life in Odyssey!

Review by Bradford G, age 14

A Great "Eugene Back" Episode! It gives the Old Taste of Odyssey, that some of us have been waiting for.

Review by Racheal, age 13

This was one of the greatest ones ever. The mix up...everything was awesome. It is also great to have Eugene back. Whoo Hoo! GO ODYSSEY!

Review by Catspaw (Town of Odyssey)

And all this time I thought that Eugene didn't have any fashion sense. Who would have thought? The vest thing was great! I loved the repeat lines from the past that helped me feel like it really was Bernard and Eugene interacting, and life was once again normal in my Odyessian universe. It was a good feeling.

While nothing particularly exciting or dramatic happened, that was part of it's charm. Nobody needed saving; there was no big plotline. There were (somewhat) normal people having (somewhat) normal things happen to them, and they learned from them, while having some humorous moments in the process. [This] really made it feel like a classic, one of those eps that make you feel good listening to them, one that is relevant to your life without feeling forced.

Does anybody know if Katrina was supposed to be in it, and they wrote her out because of the missing Pamela Hayden? It seemed a little weird that she was never around, since she was moving into the house with Eugene as well, presumably.

Overall, I loved it! Fun for the whole family that makes me want to go out and buy a pine-scented car air freshner!

Review by AIOfan11 (Town of Odyssey)

I thought it was good. It feels really good having Eugene back. He truly makes the show. There seemed to be something missing in this episode, but I don't know what it is. Maybe I just need to listen to it again and then I won't feel that way.

Thank you Will Ryan for coming back!

Review by Mandy Straussberg (The Town Hall)

I loved it. I laughed really hard. It was beautiful. One of the best episodes in a long, long time.

Review by Londoner (The Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

I liked it.

Review by Fan Of AIO, age 35

This was a great episode! It made me feel like I was visiting Odyssey, ten years ago. The only actor that would have made this episode perfect, was Hal Smith. This would have been a perfect episode for him to appear in. Bernard had some great lines, and Eugene seems to be back to normal. Once again, it seems that Eugene was the one to teach Bernard a lesson. We should all take responsibility for our actions, and fess up when we do something wrong. Telling the truth is always better than trying to cover up.

Review by Dave

A very enjoyable episode.

Review by Sarah, age 12

I thought it was great! It's the best new one that I've listened to!

Review by Elizabeth, age 14

Awesome show! Classic Odyssey! It did not have the complete feel of an early show but it was close! It is so good to have Eugene in the stories again! His personality adds so much to the show. I liked the references to Bernard and Eugene's road trip. The show had a really good message about honesty and it was funny. I really liked how Eugene and Katrina bought a house in Odyssey, that makes it really sink in that they are back! Great episode and I hope there are lots more like it coming!

Review by Micah, age 16

I enjoyed this episode because it was very funny yet the message was still clear. I have begun to think of Odyssey as more of a clean show instead of a Christian show but this episode had a wonderful message. It was great to hear Eugene enter Whits End with the traditional "Greetings and Salutations!"

Review by Beth, age 15

This is a great episode! It was so funny! I loved all the references to the road trip in "Wish You Were Here!" I also liked the fact that all the "old" characters were in the episode. It made it sound like a "classic" episode. I really liked this episode!

Review by Rebekah, age 17

If four is the highest rating, then that is what I give it. I'm so excited that Eugene come back in the last few episodes. Thanks for all you do!

Review by Rebekah, age 17

Bernard's truck. Eugenes Saturn. Crash crash! Faulty parking brake. Talking on the cell, crashing into trash cans. No one is having a good car day today. Somthing good did happen though. Eugene and Katrina have moived out of the cabins and got there own house. After Connie goes through all their boxes. And finds Eugene's vest collection. Nice to see things geting back to normal!

Review by The Top Crusader (Town of Odyssey)

I think I liked it better than the last three episodes! Felt like "classic" Odyssey.

Review by Chandler (Town of Odyssey)

I liked the show! Having Eugene in there was just... wonderful. I didn't realize how much he was missing until I heard this show.

The AIO team again takes us on walks down memory lane especially when Eugene and Bernard were in the new truck reliving their road trip.The continuity was good, too. We heard from Wankel Automotive which we heard in "No Way Out/In" and also from Honest Erwin heard in "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?" It was a relief not to hear Katrina... I just can't stand the new voice.

Hopefully more to come.

Review by J-Man (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

Wow, after the disappointment of last week, this was a good episode. It made me think of the older AIO episodes. I gave it four stars.

Review by Frodo (Town of Odyssey)

I loved it!

Review by Padme Solo (Town of Odyssey)

I agree, it did seems more like a "classic" Odyssey show. REALLY good job. It was really funny!

Review by HarlowRoxMySox (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

I love the classic AIO feel, the clashing between Eugene and Bernard is classic and its one of the things I've missed. The clashing between Bernard and Wooton was funny, but just not the same (ie: Basset Hounds). It had a clever script (like always) and I'm glad they didn't dwell on Eugene having lost his memories. That's one thing I was afraid of: that they would spend a while dwelling on the fact that Eugene had lost his memories. But they pleasently surprised me in having him be instantly back to his normal self with only one short remark about his "noggin." A great, comedic episode and I loved it! 5 stars!

Review by Monday (Town of Odyssey)

Not to mime what everyone has already said, but, I too enjoyed it. It did feel like an old classic (no doubt the presence of Eugenen helped by buckets). The kind that gives one a warm feeling!

Review by crosskritters (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

I love classic AIO. I never really enjoyed Novacom that much and the new kids are not nearly as great as the old ones (nothing can compare with the Barclays). It seems like they're trying to get a fresh start into classic AIO. YAY!!! I was afraid that the when Eugene lost his memory that AIO would become more Sci-Fi then ever, but it didn't. YAY!!

Review by Laura Ingalls (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

It was great! I loved it! It was good to hear a nice slice of life episode with Eugene back. As everyone else has said—it was classic Odyssey!

Review by chexfan2000 (Town of Odyssey)


Ok, that was an intensely immature way of showing glee. Still, it was a really, really, really great episode. Now if we can just about 'bout a gazillion more of these...

Review by Trent DeWhite (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

Definitely an enjoyable and amusing episode. It felt like yet another "classic" day in the life of Odyssey. After a rather traumatic three-parter to continue Album 44, it was good being able to hear a more "normal" episode. Eugene was back, being his normal, geeky, and somewhat clumsy self—contary to his rather awkward temperament in the past three episodes. And his relationship with Bernard has never been better. I also enjoyed the fact that entire episode was pretty much a complete parody to the album "Wish You Were Here," as we heard made many notable references to Eugene and Bernard's road trip together. For the dedicated Odyssey fan like myself, it was quite a treat to hear familiar quotes reiterated in this particular episode:

First, we heard Eugene remind us of that the Bernard's "old" truck was purchased in San Diego. Next, Bernard used the line, "It's a matter of principle" from the episode, "Third Degree." Then we heard Bernard using the quote, "You're the only guy I know who could ruin an apology by saying I'm sorry," closely paralleling, "You're the only guy who could run gratitude by saying thank you," a line he spoke to Eugene in "Room Mates." Finally, Bernard reused the line, "There's nothing like the smell of a new pickup truck," in reference to the episode "The Fifth House on the Left, Part I." This cued up the appropriate and laugh-inducing line with which Eugene answered: "That still reminds me of artificially-induced pine scent."

I loved Bernard's attempt at trying to emulate Eugene's mannerisms. "Should I have spoken in words you understand and said, 'Kindly refrain from mutilating my vehicle.'"

This episode flawlessly re-established that humorous, love-hate relationship between Eugene and Bernard. Great introduction and use of the character, "Leon," also. Although he's obviously a flat character from whom we'll only hear once or twice more, I loved how he was used throughout the episode. The misunderstandings brought back memories of the ironic twists from "Gifts from Madge and Guy" and humorous presumptions from "Naturally, I Assumed..."

Overall, a fantastic job with the script. It integrated Eugene's character quite smoothly into Odyssey with only one small reference to the previous three episodes. Kudos for not highlighting the events from the preceding episodes, as it would've detracted from the overall humor and flow of this particular episode. As my sister and I listened to Two Friends and a Truck, my sister commented that it felt like a regular episode. Indeed, like I already commented, it was a marvelous job bringing back Eugene without the somewhat awkward reintroduction to Whit in "It's a Wrap!" I also appreciated how the whole episode tied back to an important Biblical theme: mercy and forgiveness.

Just to clarify any misconceptions, I did enjoy the episode. I give it five stars for its excellent storyline, humorous quotes, and underlying Christian theme.

Review by Bmuntz (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

I liked it but it didn't hit a home run with me. I enjoyed it and it had a good theme but didn't score the hat trick in the end. It was close but the golf ball didn't make it in for the hole in one. It seemed to normal for Odyssey. I know that is what they were going for but it just wasn't a slam dunk with me. To sum up that post the ep just wasn't a touchdown.

Review by frogalwyz (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

I really liked it and agreed with everyone who said its sounds like classic Odyssey. It was funny, smart, and not heavy. I was kind of disappointed in the last few weeks, and I was hoping to get back to normal characters instead of secret agents and such.

I loved how they made references to when Eugene and Bernard went to California. It was a great way to show Eugene was really back. And the bit with Connie asking Eugene about his sweater vests.

The thing I noticed, was that Bernard says "You're the only guy I know who can ruin an apology by saying your sorry" to Eugene. I just listened to "Room Mates," and Bernard says "Youre the only guy I know who can ruin gratitude by saying thank you." I just thought it was funny that i listened to that one right before this one and Bernard had the same sayings. Kinda cute how him and Eugene always seem to be in a little conflict.

So....I give it 5 stars. It made me laugh, and I'm glad Eugene is back.

Review by rachelavonlea (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

I might listen to a Odyssey, or listen to a song, or a movie once and think " I like it." But when I listen to it more I think, "I really like it!"

I think that is how this episode will be for me. I loved hearing it the first time, and I have a feeling there are still a lot of things I think I still can find in it. It will be great to discover them. In all the worry over making episodes totally understandable to AIO newbies, I am afraid episodes can be rather shallow, and not re-listen-able. Like you've heard it once, and you don't need to hear it again. I am so glad that is not the case today!

It was so enjoyable. Like taking a swim in warm water. I too enjoyed all the many AIO innuendos.

It was funny too. I liked the part when Bernard is talking about buying a truck with "all the bells and whistles," and if you listen close Eugene walks in whistling and tripping the bell above the door.

I was thinking, "Bernard is being noticeably unkind this episode," and was glad when that was the point. And that he learned his lesson. Although I really, really like Bernard, he is very crabby and sometimes even down un-Christian in manner. It’s nice to hear him genuinely sorry about being mean to Eugene. I also loved how maturely Eugene acted when he didn’t even tell Bernard it was his fault the truck rolled down the hill. Offering to pay for the damages to his own car was a little over the top, though. That didn’t make as much sense to me.

In all the talk about Eugene's car starting off being sub-par, and Bernard having to pay big bucks to get it back to that sub-par state, I was thinking he should have just bought Eugene a new used (get it?) car to be nice, (and not to waste money fixing up the old one). In fact when Bernard gave the keys to Eugene at the end, I was so happy. I thought "Yes! What an awesome thing for Bernard to do! Giving him his truck as a awesome gesture!"

So, that wasn’t how it worked out. Nevertheless, I loved the episode, and gave it a 5. I think it is the best ep this year, at the least.

Good Job Odyssey!

Review by Jonathan (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

I never imagined in my wildest dreams that the return of Eugene would automatically up the quality of the show. ... I was impressed.

Even Whit, a character I haven’t been too impressed with recently, sounded like, well, himself. Actually, the acting was superb, which is mainly due to the writing. Connie is another example of a character I haven’t been too overly impressed with recently, but she was terrific here. As was Eugene, and Bernard.

Ah, Bernard. He not only had great lines and acted very Bernard like (a good thing), but his bad attitude was not only addressed, but we saw the character not only be corrected (by Whit!) but learn from his mistake and apologize for his problem attitude!

Is this 2005? I can scarcely believe it. Sounds more like 1995 to me. I can now forget again that Odyssey isn’t real.

Another plus was the sound effects. I’ve been in car garages before, and the sound effects over the phone was very real.

So why did this episode succeed? Because of the writing. Over the last several years the AIO team has forgotten that a series like this, where we know and love the characters as much as we do, dialogue is what makes the episode. Not goofy sounds, or silly stories, or stupid jokes (if I never hear another underwear joke on AIO it’ll be too soon), it’s realistic stories and good dialogue. And as a Christian show throwing in Biblical application completes the episode. [This episode] followed that formula to the letter. It's what made those early years (1989-1998) that made the show so great. It's what makes it hard for us to remember that Odyssey isn't a real town. I’m hoping the rest of the team follows the example this episode set because if they do the series can only continue to improve.

Because I don’t really like to give a new ep a perfect rating (as it hasn’t stood the test of time, though I’m sure this one will) and because it was only a slice of life ep and not a well-done earth-shattering episode, I’m giving it 4/5.

But it was perfect anyhow.

Review by Evil Chick (Town of Odyssey)

I really enjoyed this episode. It was indeed classic Odyssey. Eugene and Bernard together, how can it get any better? However, as has already been mentioned, they repeated lines from previous shows. ("You're the only guy I know who can ruin gratitude by saying thank you" and the lines about the good smells of a pick-up). That kinda annoyed me, because it seemed to be a "well, it worked once, so it'll work again" attitude. I personally don't care for that. But, other than that I found it perfect! Wow!

Review by Christian Cowgirl (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

Wow, everyone here loved it... I didn't particularly find it that intersting. The lines from old shows are good in the old shows, I was annoyed they were brought up again. The whole moral is used and worn out. Hopefuly the next ones will be a little more natural.

Review by jollyholiday (Town of Odyssey)

Loved it. "Bells and Whistles." Great writing and production.

Review by Broadcast (The Town Hall)

The moment that Eugene Meltsner walked through the Whit's End door, things began to sink in.
I suppose it felt like the last three "Something Big" episodes were like a dream. It wasn't part of my routine. I hadn't yet adapted to the thought the Eugene was once again part of life.'s been five years.
The last episodes were sci-fi (more or less), this one, however, is slice of life. The latter actually develops the characters, and acts as the base to the sci-fi; which simply uses that built character and apply it to a stressful situation, thus creating emotions and a sence of what the character is feeling.

Actually, I was almost impressed. He came back and took on his character as if nothing happened. Connie and Bernard really had nice easy flowing chemistry with him, and everything about the diologue was nearly flawless.

Nearly. Most of you may have noticed that Eugene repeated several well known sentences from the past (and Bernard, especially). Of course, I see no problem with it. It simply helps us resist from utter the sentence, "Eugene Sounds Different!" Correct me if I'm wrong, however, but the only actual sentence (simbolizing his intelligence) that he repeatly used time after time was, 'To borrow the colloquialism." Eugene was so complex in his vocabulary, that what made it even more ineresting was the fact that it was always changing. He ALWAYS had a new intellectual phrase/word/frament/sentence/yelp that would differ every episode. Rarely would he repeat it over and over again. Afterall, intellectual people have variety. Again, it was only noticed three or four times.

Actually, I was anticipating this episode for one main reason; Who would be the writer? As you know, most of the writers on the team have never written with Eugene as their character. I mean, I hardly see a Torry Martin episode with Eugene. (However, I do see Harlow) Bob Hoose had never written for Eugene either, and neither had Nathan Hoobler. I couldn't remember if Kathy Buchanan had or not.

But by the tenth minute in the show, I narrowed the mystery down to Nathan Hoobler. Their were WAY to many references to past episodes, which is what Nathan Hoobler is practically known for.

Anyone remarked the mention of Erwin? Yes, it was Honest Erwin ("Here Today, Gone Tomorrow"). I find it actually interesting because, he and Wankel (from "No Way Out") sound exactly alike (I'm too lazy to figure out if they're the same actor). And they're both in the car business. However, Wankel did serve as a good enough secondary character (He didn't match up to Mr. Douglas from "True Calling" but was good enough.)

Something DID bug me about this episode, however. I don't like "In between Episodes Occurences." I don't like people doing things when we're not listening (well, on some occasions I don't care). For example, after "No Way Out" and "Sounds like a Mystery," Whit's leg had healed completely. It would make much more sense if his leg was still slightly hurting in "Sounds like a Mystery." He's old. He doesn't heal that quickly. This episode, I fear, was an example of that. Besides Whit, Connie, Tom and Bernard, we haven't heard anyone else (except us fans) who was surprised to see Eugene. I was expecting maybe people like Bart Rathbone and Jack Allen to be wondering a few things about his return. And especially, the kids! Perhaps, we'll hear some examples next time...but it seems already too late. The only person who performed an example of this was Leon Wankel, who exclaimed; "Hey Eugene! Glad you're back in Town!" Oh well, perhaps it simply saves confusion if we only heard the nessecary people.

... The story itself was nice and interesting. Mind you, it isn't an episode that is an instant classic or anything. But it was still good; because it succesfully brought Eugene back to everyday living. I give everyone at AIO a nice thumbs up for that. I was wondering if the new Odyssey Team was capable to bring a character that they barely worked with back to his old stomping grounds.

I also enjoyed the references to the California Trip.

One other complaint; the line that Whit said at the end, "When you got out of the truck, it started rolling...I tried to stop it, but I forgot that the emergency brake didn't work and it hit a lampost." I would first like to mention that that line could've been funny...but ended up to be slightly amusing; following which you're wondering why Whit sounded like he couldn't care less about Bernard's car and why he didn't immediately run into the room to tell Bernard what happened, instead of a:

Whit enters.
Whit: "Oh, um, Bernard..."

And bang, he forgets about the car completely.

Overall, it was an all right show. I now realise how much Eugene brought to the show. Hopefully the rest of the season finishes off in a similar positive manner.

Review by ObiWan Kenobi Girl (The Town Hall)

Yeah, I really liked this one because it had alot of Eugene & Bernard, because they create a lot of humor whenever they're on together. Also because it was hilarious!!

Review by Arwen (The Town Hall)

I liked it a lot.

Review by Boa (The Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

Great episode! Jonathan's right it does feel like 1995 again. The story was good, the dialogue was great, I laughed out loud when Bernard tried to imitate Eugene by saying something to the effect, "Please don't mutilate my truck." Paul Herlinger as Whit was also very good. Eugene's back and life is good!

Review by EugeneFan (Eugene Forever)
Rating: (out of five)

Click here to see the full review.

This slice-of-life show was a nice way to start out Eugene's life back in Odyssey, in my opinion. It was a pleasant episode to listen to, and I was pleased with most aspects of the show.

Eugene borrowed Bernard's truck, while Bernard used Eugene's car. Eugene accidentally let the truck roll down a hill, and a tail light broke. After Bernard finished yelling at Eugene about the incident, Bernard went out and accidentally wrecked Eugene's car. Bernard realized that he was wrong to yell at Eugene, and he learned a lesson about mercy.

I am still getting over the shock of Eugene's return to Odyssey, but listening to this episode helped me realize that yes, he really is back. I was delighted that he and Katrina decided to buy a house in Odyssey, because it means the couple will be staying in town for a while. Listening to this episode, it almost seemed as if Eugene had never been gone.

The theme of this show is mercy. Even though this theme isn't original, it is still an appropriate one to discuss on AIO. This story illustrated that theme well, in my opinion, and it was obvious what the theme was.

There were a few lines that Eugene spoke in this episode that did not sound like Eugene-language, in my opinion. Before he left, Eugene always spoke very eloquently, and people often had a hard time understanding what he said half the time. In this episode, he spoke eloquently in many of the lines, but I noticed several that made Eugene sound out of character. However, I understand that the writers have not written any lines for Eugene for five years, so they are probably still getting used to writing episodes with Eugene in them.

Other that the small trouble with some of Eugene's lines that I mentioned, I found no flaws in the writing of this episode. I thought the story was clever, and all of the characters behaved as they normally would.

I thought that all of the actors and actresses performed their best for this episode. The acting sounded realistic, and I didn't notice any mistakes as far as acting is concerned. Will Ryan doesn't seem to be having difficulty getting back into the character of Eugene, and he still does as good a job as he did before he left.

My rating for "Two Friends and a Truck" is 3.5 out of 5. I am enjoying Eugene being back already!

Review by Frank (Frank's Breakfast Inn)

Click here to see the full review.

I would talk about the old times and those happy golden days, but I think it isn't necessary. This episode follows the Eugene/Bernard "Friendly-Clash" Formula to a tea.

Eugene/Bernard "Friendly-Clash" Formula: Bernard is happily minding his business and then Eugene comes along with a problem of his. Bernard grudgingly helps him. Then Eugene messes up and makes life miserable for Bernard (and also Whit, who is the only one in the story who hears both sides, and to whom both Eugene and Bernard go to for advice.) Confused Eugene tries to fix the problem through rational thinking, (and Whit's guidance) but fails. Bernard also separately tries to solve the problem by his own means, but also fails. It is only through Bernard's forgiving kindness that come from Whit's prodding and peacemaking skills that get the scuffle set right. All is well. The End.

It is nice to see that Eugene has matured since the ante-Novacom era. He doesn't fight with Connie. (Although Connie hasn't changed much.) He knows what he has to do in Odyssey now and settles down straight away by buying a house. (It's time to find a job now.) Maybe he will become more pleasant to those fans who find him disagreeable.

Six boxes of vests? =_0

Why does Connie go through every one of Eugene and Katrina's boxes? Silly question, Frank. She's Connie. Of course she would go through every box!

I wonder what it's like to be a really big fan of one of those intense romantic-comedy types of shows. There's the overall plot and the memorable storylines. (Same as AIO.) And then there's the loveable characters and nasty villains. (Also same as AIO.) But could any show captivate the love and pure, God-filled happiness that AIO brings? (No.) I had more joy from listening to this one episode that I ever did watching "Gilligan's Island" and "The Cosby Show"...or even some of the movies that I long to see. The online communities are also unsurpassed. What fun is life without God and the fellowship of believers?

AIO now has a new standard of "normal" again. Eugene is here, and I'll bet that he's going to practically dominate every episode from now until Christmas.

A good slice of life ep with great lessons and memorable lines. We're on the up-hill trail now!

568: The Power of One

Episode Information

Consensus: Thumbs Up (19/32 positive reviews)

As with several previous Kids' Radio shows, reviews of "The Power of One" are very mixed. Som listeners enjoyed the show a lot, while admitting it wasn't a "classic," others thought it was all right (a "fine" show), while others disliked the show severely.

Reviews are mostly positive for the "B. C. Boxing" sketch, with fans noting Will Ryan's performance on the ringside announcer. Many wondered what "Ashley" was referring to.

Some thought "The Pray Way" commercial was too long, while others found it intriguing.

Most were happy to finally have the Apostle Paul shorty in a show, while others didn't like hearing "old" material. A few didn't like the skit itself.

Finally, opinion is mostly unified on the final, climactic sketch, "The Dangerous Haircut" with Harlow and Edwin. While most enjoyed it and thought it was funny, most also agreed that it was too long.

Review by Joey Kid, age 14

I thought it was rather babyish. I didn't like it.

Review by Stephen, age 17

I have to admit, I've always disliked this sort of episode. It's just a little too gung-ho. Anyhow, the acting is good as always, but just a disappointment when I'm waiting for a "real" episode.

Review by Paul B

With Will Ryan back as Eugene, we also get back Harlow. Edwin and Harlow do a story about Samson. Funny stuff.

Review by Fan of AIO, age 35

I particularly enjoyed this episode for the Edwin and Harlow sketch. I also enjoyed the "Ashley" lines during the David and Goliath sketch. This episode had the flavor of "Fairy Tal-e-vision." This episode has a "newer" feel to it, over the "old" Odyssey feel we have seen over the past several episodes.

Review by David

"The Power of One" is a very boring episode. It isn't funny, exciting, or heart-warming. The sketch about Saint Paul is taken from an old AIO episode so there is a lack of originality in this episode as well. Although it was unfortunate that Eugene was not in AIO for a very long time, the good thing was that neither was Harlow Doyle. Harlow Doyle is the only character in AIO that I hate. Hopefully we will not hear from him much after this episode, or at all.

Review by Bradford G, age 14

Great Show! The unknown somewhat return of Harlow Doyle. My favorite part was the "Apostle Paul, Secret Agent" thing, plus Edwin's poem about Samson. Anyway, good episode.

Review by Ruthie, age 12

It was good! (Sorry, I can't think of anything else to write!)

Review by Trinarius (The Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

Wow, what a difference one actor can make! Ever since the return of Will Ryan, Odyssey seems more like, well, Odyssey! Today's show proves that point. From Harlow to the boxing announcer, his voice adds so much to the show.

Ok, let me give some of the positives for this ep. The Biblical boxing scene was great. Townsend Coleman did a really good job with Lance, and his exchange with Bruno was hilarious! "The Pray Way" commercials were really funny. They reminded me of some older Kid's Radio shows. And lastly, we get a Bible story with Edwin and Harlow! Listening to the two of them battle it out using rhymes was classic, and Katie Leigh also gave a fine performance as Delilah. While I thought this segment was rather long, it still kept me interested nonetheless.

Not only was today's show well written and acted, but it also gave a great lesson about depending on God. Even Chris gave a scripture at the end to tie into the show's theme, something I don't think we've heard in a while. Overall, The Power of One continues in a line of great shows this season!

Review by Fletcher (The Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

This was a pretty good episode. It had some humorous segments, and it had a good message. It was good to hear Harlow again, and him and Edwin had some great interaction. But the episode also had some problems...

I think the main problem with this episode is that it couldn't decide wether it wanted to be a "Hidden in Your Heart," "The Devil Made Me Do It" kind of episode (with three long skits) or a fast paced B-TV style episode. I would have preferred if they had chosen on firmly fast-paced, because the skits in the episode, while somewhat funny, dragged at times. The "Prayer Way" skit didn't need to be so long, and neither did the "Samson and Delilah" skit. They would have been much funnier if they had been shorter pieces and there had been a few more skits added. The "David and Goliath" boxing skit and "St. Paul" shorties were the best parts of the episode, and that's because they were funny, got a point across, and weren't overlong. The beginning of the "Samson and Delilah" story was funny, with Harlow ad-libbing, but the joke got boring after a while, and eventually distracted from the story itself.

Overall this episode wasn't great, but it did feature the return of Harlow, some hillarious lines from Edwin, some funny parts, and a good lesson. It was enjoyable, but not as much as last week's episode.

Review by Broadcast (The Town Hall)

Time and time again, Odyssey has differentiated themselves from other series with Kids' Radio broadcasts. Where else can you find a series that breaks every so often with an episode just to entertain you for the sole purpose of teaching a specific lesson.

Not on "Down Gilead Lane," that's for sure.

I'd like to say that these have been a success, but, sadly, they haven't.

After learning this would be yet another Kids Radio Episode, I thought, "Oh No." Don't get me wrong, I enjoy these episodes on occasion, but the last episode we heard (which was also from John Fornof) placed itself on my top ten episodes which I most probably won't listen to again.

Was this John Fornof's comeback? Was he trying to redeem himself for doing "Fairy Tal-e-vision" which was soely un-entertaining in every aspect?

But wait, this review isn't an attack on the writer. Afterall, his "No Way Out/In" made it on my list of 25 most greatest episodes.

So, was this succesful?

First off, when I first heard that Harlow and Edwin would be starring in an episode about the true source of power, my mind concocted all sorts of slice of life story ideas. Afterall, both haven't been seen in quite a while!

And after listening to each other, I kinda wished they could've been in a slice of life episode. It would be nice if Harlow learned a lesson about where the source of true power comes from...instead of learning it from a script.

HOWEVER, this episode was excellent. The comedy was fresh, and hilarious. The dialogue was superb, and, yes, hearing Will Ryan was cool, because I realized that he brought a lot of comedy to the show, as well.

Okay, so we know it beat the worse episodes; but did it beat the two most popular variety Kids' Radio episodes, "The Devil made me Do it," and especially, "Hidden in my Heart?"

No, it did not beat "Hidden in my heart." Afterall, I'm still laughing at its Expendable Crewman jokes. But, it did beat "The Devil Made Me Do It."

The comedy I like is not based on people changing their voices and trying to act silly. I like the things that are supposed to be serious, but has these guys acting amazingly stupid with witty sayings.

Hehe; "Was it in my delivery?"

This episode also answered the question if Harlow was now too stale to come back to the show. Indeed, he was not. His performance was hilarious; wrestling a lion, acting muscle-y, and being rhyme-y and romantic.

I remember several years ago when they released a page to the fans about upcoming episodes. The episode was called, "The Dangerous Haircut." I commented a while back that they never actually aired that show. But, today, it has come.

The story of Samson has always been one of my favourites. It was just the fact that he was almost a superhero. He had supernatural strength. That almost struck me as amazing.

Still, this was never the way that I imagined they'd do this story. I thought maybe they would do a Bernard Story...or an "O.T. Action News" since it was part of the book of Judges, and they've repeatedly done a story from the book of Judges. Another reason I felt that they could've done more was the fact that this story was the only actual Bible story left that they could've done something big with.

I've also always imagined that this would be the only story that Nick Mulligan could relate to.

Also on the plus side, there are many quotes I could do from this episodes...which means that this was a success...since this was purposely a comedy.

So, all in all,
Congrats Odyssey!

... I actually "prefer" the three long skits (and this time four) instead of the fast pace "no plot" ones. I enjoy actually getting to know these characters and have them repeatedly tell jokes. Having different people with strange voices pop in every three secondes isn't, in my opinion, funny...and usually irritating at best.

The Samson Skit missed out on a few information in the actual story (but there's only so much you can do in rhyme), and I felt that that episode was a good length. The rhyme was strong is some places, but also quite weak in a few others. However, it balances out nicely. And after giving it a second listen to, doesn't seem bad at all.

Review by Gandalf (The Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

While some people liked the David & Goliath section, I didn't. I failed to catch a lot of the "humor" (what does Ashley have to do with David & Goliath?). Perhaps upon a second listen this will become funnier. It also reminded me of a McGee skit from the series "McGee and Me," which isn't a positive thing.

The Prayer Way skit seemed to be a BTV skit instead of a Kids' Radio skit, but it was still enjoyable.

I enjoyed that they put the St. Paul skit into the episode, but was somewhat bothered by the way Connie didn't mention it at the end. Will it be included on the album version or was it just a time-filler? I have said since the release of album 33 that the shorties that aired in fall 1999 and spring 2000 should have been included on the album versions of the episodes they originally aired with. They weren't and, unfortunately, it's been nearly impossible to get a hold of them, especially some of the "rarer" ones like the History Moment. I enjoyed them a lot when they originally aired and this St. Paul was one of the better ones. I'm thrilled that the AIO team is trying to incorporate them into new episodes ("BTV: Obedience" and now "The Power of One"). I hope to hear these in more episodes in the future.

Something that many fans probably DON'T know (or remember) that should be considered is that "The Dangerous Haircut" was originally written as a split episode to air in 2000. It was one of the several episodes that was cut from the lineup, which is a shame because I think it turned out quite nicely. ... I'm glad that it was incorporated into this one.

Overall, the show really wasn't that outstanding but I gave it two stars because of the wise choices AIO made in incorporating the St. Paul shorty and "The Dangerous Haircut."

Review by Kanimoto (The Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

The show was funny, but it could have used some work. Is it just me, or is Kids' Radio replacing BTV? Personally, I enjoyed BTV more, and if Kids' Radio is taking over, I wish it would be made more like BTV.

I liked the Bible story, though.

Review by Jonathan (The Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

I'll admit, when I heard this was to be a Kids' Radio episode, I wasn't thrilled. Especially after hearing the last one (which was the third episode I had heard debuted ever). But I was surprised. Probably the oddest part (and a funny one) for me was because I was doing some work at the time I wasn't aware the commercial had ended until some time into the Prayer Way skit.

We were also given two treats, the Paul skit (which is another example of AIO's wonderful ability at doing parodies) and the Samson skit, originally scheduled as a split ep. I know people have said it was too long, but so what? Harlow and Edwin were hilarious and it told the story in an innovative and fun way. It also succeded in bringing Harlow back without any controversy (as some certainly don't like him).

Because it's a Kids' Radio episode, I'm not too likely to listen to it again, but I liked this one.

Review by Arwen (The Town Hall)

I don't really like Kids Radio episodes as much...but they're still good, and I think that it was good to hear from people like Harlow again.

Review by J-man (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

First of all I'll say that I gave it 3 stars. I was disappointed with the show overall for several reasons. First because like Fletcher said the skits did seem a bit long. I'll admit, the Edwin and Harlow part was rather funny, but it was too long. I think that AIO has done enough Kids' Radio shows...they're getting a little monotonus and sorta boring. The music was great and so was the acting, I'm just getting tired of Kids' Radio shows. It was overall disappointing to me, although I will say that my mom liked it.

Review by Ferder (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

I've heard a lot of eps,
some good and some bad.
I'm sorry to say
that this one was just sad.

I wasn't quite sure
what it would have in store
but from the first 5 minutes
It was a big bore.

Come-on Odyssey,
you can make the radio come alive
we don't need this stuff
for kids under five.

Oh well it's only
one in five-hundred-and-ten
But I don't think I'll ever
be listening to it again.

2 Stars (since some of the skits were a little clever)

Review by Christian Cowgirl (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

Why did they reuse the Paul skit? Haven't we already heard that? I'm glad Harlow is back, 3 stars.

Review by Flyah (Town of Odyssey)

I thought it was good. "The Pray Way" was one of the funniest bits I've heard on AIO in a while, I laughed out loud at the Paul/James Bond skit (I didn't know that was used before), and I enjoyed the Dr. Seuss Samson story. I wouldn't give it five stars - but I really liked the ep.

Review by Eugene Kendall (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

I really didn't like it. It had too much of a BTV feeling. I only liked it because it had Harlow, but I wish it had Eugene.

Review by HarlowRoxMySox (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

It was pretty good, it seemed very BTVish instead of KYDS Radio material except Bernard didn't host it. The best part was the Harlow/Blackgaard bit about Samson, because those two characters are about as opposite as you can get. I kept laughing as Harlow rhymed with everything Edwin said. Yes, that part was the most memorable.

Review by Catspaw (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

The Paul shorty was definitely a highlight—it was so funny! I told my mom about it, and she thought it was funny too! I didn't start listening to AIO on the radio until after the split episode era, so I had never heard it before. (We just waited for the albums to come out and then bought them. It was easier to wait for new albums that way!) It was great to have Harlow Doyle back, even though it was as a character and not as "himself" as much. I loved how he and Edwin interacted! Since they're so different, it was fun!

Overall, I can see why some people didn't think that it was fabulous, but it was still enjoyable Kids Radio fun, and I look foward to listening to it again!

Review by frogalwyz (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

I personally didn't like it. There was nothing in particular that I had a problem with, but I just tend to like real life stories better then Kids' Radio or BTV. And I like Bible stories better when they are told by Whit, Connie or Bernard instead of being potrayed in skits.

I gave it one star. Again, nothing specific, just not one I would listen to again. (I listened to it three times just to see if it would get better.)

And I dont understand what is so likable about Harlow. He annoys me more then anything else.

Review by Frodo (Town of Odyssey)

It was ok. I don't like Kids' Radio much. Edwin's skit ws funny.

Review by Evil Chick (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

I really liked this episode. Just the other day I was wondering when we'd hear another Kids' Radio show. I loved the Harlow and Edwin part. It truely was Dr. Seuss meets AIO. It was very funny! I also really liked the part about Paul. "My name is Paul. Apostel Paul." "I am a bond-servant" "Read my letter to the Romans, chapter 007" Those were all so cool! It was great to hear Harlow again, and also to recognize Will Ryan's voice throughout the show.

It was really good, but not the best ep in the history of Odyssey.

Review by Me (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

It's difficult for me to be objective about this episode as I rarely like Kids' Radio eps. Also, my radio station messed up for about two scenes near the beginning of the ep, and we only got static. I'll have to listen again online. I liked the Samson skit. Harlow was hilarious, and Edwin obsessed with "sticking to the script," which I found highly enjoyable. The Paul shorty was also one I hadn't heard before, and it was good. I gave the ep a 3, because while I didn't particularly care for it, it was good for a Kids' Radio ep.

Review by Me (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

I was expecting a regular episode, since it was used to return Harlow Doyle to the show. I was obviously very wrong. In addition to being disappointed about the type of episode was used, I had many problems with the episode itself. The first was that the segments were too long. The David and Goliath story lasted too long, especially considering that everyone knew what would happen at the end. The Samson story was good and pretty funny, but it too was a little bit too long. Then there were the commercials. They reminded me of the long kind you see in the movies. They were funny, but got old fast. Finally comes the shorty about Paul. It dragged on for a long time, and, sadly, was a cheesy spoof. That was probably the worst part.

I have never really liked the Kids' Radio episodes, and unfortunately this is no exception. I regret to give this episode a one and one half star rating.

Review by Bandit Squirrel (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

It certainly wasn't the best episode I have heard, but it was not bad. While I usually don't like Kids' Radio programs, I thought this one was rather good. The Samson part of it was especially enjoyable although Harlow didn't seem to be quite his normal self. I gave it three stars.

Review by Sputnik (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

I liked it, it wasn't top-hole, but it was good. It had a bit much of the BTV tone to it. They should have made it a BTV episode. I enjoyed the St. Paul skit, but you know it has always been a time-filler, I don't think it was part of the show itself.

Review by Chandler (Town of Odyssey)
Rating: (out of five)

I wasn't expecting this episode to be a Kids' Radio show... I actually thought "The Dangerous Haircut" was pretty clever, but the David and Goliath one didn't do much for me. I guess the parodies are funnier when you know what they're referring to. I was clueless on that one so all that guy's wimpering about "Ashley" was for so I wish it wasn't in there.

I don't really have much to say... I didn't hate it and it's not my favorite. An average episode.

Review by Dave (Dave's AIO Site)
Rating: (out of five)

Click here to see the full review.

The Power of One, another Kids' Radio broadcast, delivers lots of funny lines and contains a good message. But there feels like something's missing from the show—maybe it's heart?

The four skits in this show are well-done. I didn't really go for the first "David and Goliath" skit, but I really enjoyed the "Pray Way" advertisement and the "Apostle Paul" shorty (I have been waiting for this shorty to be on an album for a long time).

The show ends with "The Dangerous Haircut," a rather long skit that was originally written as a split episode. It was nice to hear Harlow and Edwin again (Harlow Doyle hasn't appeared on the show for about five years and Edwin for a while either) and the humor worked well. But even with well-written skits, the show falls short. Although there's a good lesson, the show seems to struggle. It's not because of the pace; it's not because of the writting; it's because of the lack of heart in the show. The characters are just used for humor; they aren't developed or don't have very much personality. In my opinion, this is the place where the show falls short.

I liked The Power of One. It was funny and was written well. It just messes up when it comes to the characters. The Power of One is a good show, though certainly not a classic.

Review by EugeneFan (Eugene Forever)
Rating: (out of five)

Click here to see the full review.

When it was announced that this week's episode would be called "The Power of One" and would feature Harlow Doyle's return, I had no idea that the episode would be a Kids' Radio show. I must say this was an unusual way to bring him back.

"The Power of One" is a Kids' Radio show with an approach similar to the one used in "Fairy Tal-e-vision". This show features several short skits of Bible-related stories, intended to illustrate the episode's themes. I am very surprised that AIO aired an episode so similar to "Fairy Tal-e-vision," after the fans' negative reactions to the first show. I do not think this style of show is the best use of Kid's Radio, and I think it would have been a much better decision on the staff's part if this episode had not been aired at all.

We begin this show with the same musical theme that we heard on "Fairy Tal-e-vision". Following the theme, Connie announces that this Kid's Radio show is called "The Power of One" and the first segment will be called "B.C. Boxing." This boxing segment features David vs. Goliath, and the skit is handled as a TV report. Most of the reporters act silly during the reports, and I was annoyed while listening to them talk.

After the unpleasant skit, we hear a commercial spoof that is just as annoying as the David and Goliath skit. The "Pray Way" is a commercial for an "exercise program," with which people receive strength from God by praying. Following this commercial, we hear the Apostle Paul shorty that was aired several years ago. I have no idea why the shorty was included in this episode, and I wish it wasn't. I know that some fans enjoyed this shorty, but I was not one of them. The James Bond spoof is too corny to be enjoyable.

The final segment is entitled "The Dangerous Haircut", and it is acted out by Edwin and Harlow. The skit tells the story of Sampson, and the entire skit includes rhyming lines. It seems to drag on much too long, and the rhyming gets old very quickly. After this, Connie wraps up the show.

I'm sorry to say I had a hard time staying focused on this episode as I listened to it. I don't mind Bible stories being used on AIO, but I am unhappy with the way these stories were presented on this show. I do not mean to offend, but I would have been much more pleased if the skits were not so cheesy and if the jokes had not been such poor attempts at humor. The material seemed to be intended for young kids, but I know that I would have despised the episode even if I was still in the target age range of AIO. Also, the skits seemed to drag on, and I was ecstatic when the episode had finished.

The only positive aspect that I can pull out of this show is the fact that it had several themes: prayer, humility, and obedience. I was happy about this, but as I have already stated, I was unhappy about the way these themes were illustrated.

Writing negative reviews is never something I enjoy doing. However, if I am going to be truthful with the people who visit my site, I must state my honest opinions about shows. I will give it a 2 out of 5 stars, though I don't know if the episode even deserves that high of a rating!

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