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Welcome to the Spring 2005 Review Section. This is your chance to review the latest episode and interact with fans about the newest evelopments.

A note of about the ratings... All ratings are out of four unless otherwise noted.

561: Lost by a Nose

Episode Information

Consensus: Thumbs Up (13/17 positive reviews)

Reviews of "Lost by a Nose" are probably the most negative of the season so far, though most aren't saying many bad things about it. The number one complaint is that it is was just kind of a "so-so" episode.

No "main" adult characters appeared in the episode (with the exception of Nick) and some didn't like an episode based almost entirely on kids. However, others liked seeming Mandy and Liz together as friends again.

Review by Elizabeth, age 16

I realize this review is a bit late, but I thought I'd throw in my two cents anyhow.

"Lost By a Nose," was, in my opinion, one of the best episodes this season. It was a wonderful story, and, regardless of the characters involved, there was an excellent moral at the end: It doesn't matter what others think about how we look, or who we matters what God, the one who created us, thinks about us. We need to look at life "beyond the window."

Thank you, John, the episode was perfect, and poem was absolutely beautiful.

Review by Bill

Does anyone remember the television show, Facts Of Life? Gwen, the girl that Liz felt sorry for, in this episode, sounded alot like the girl (Natalie) from Facts Of Life. I am glad to see that Mandy and Liz have strengthened their friendship. In fact, Mandy spent almost the entire episode, trying to hold Liz accountable: something that is difficult, and puts alot of strain on a friendship. Not long ago, Mandy and Liz would have fought over this type of thing. I have to give Mandy and Liz credit, though. In this episode, Liz was giggly over a football player. Mandy was the voice of reason, and Liz did not get upset at her for being the voice of reason. I think the best part of the episode was the whole zit thing. I have to admit I laughed several times, at some of Liz's lines about her zits.

Review by Paul B

Liz goes undercover in a pagent. To do an article for the Owl only to learn a valuable lesson. What is the lesson? Tune in to find out. It was funny to hear someone order Raspberry Ripple again after all these years.

Review by Elsa, age 16

I really liked this episode because it talked about looks and stuff. So's a show you can relate to, you know what I mean?

Review by JM91 (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

Man, that was not what I expected. It wasn't very good at all, IMO.

Review by Arwen (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

It was OK. Not terribly exciting, but not the worst episode ever.

Review by happysmiler (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

I agree, it wasn't the best ep ever aired. I mean, it wasn't bad, but after the last few eps, which I really enjoyed, it just wasn't good enough.

Review by bmuntz (Town Hall)

It was okay, but not stunning. How did Liz make it based of personality? Her personality is like a pit bull.

Review by James M (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

I thought it was interesting that Liz talked about what people remember you for. I am like Shadowpaw...I cannot forget how mean Liz was to Connie that one episode, and how mean and bratty she used to be. Mandy was cool. I liked Gwen. Liz was cool. I was hoping Gwen would win.

Review by Bennett Charles (Town Hall)

"...Interupting Cow...Oh, now I get it."

I didn't find myself enjoying this episode too greatly, or with high enthousiasm. But the story was interesting enough, and it was nice to hear from Mandy and Liz together, and Nick.

Speaking of which; everyone knows that I am a big fan of the character Nick Mulligan. (I am now going off from my review...) However, I find that his character style changes in almost every episode. Is it the writer? I just don't know. I enjoyed him when Kathy included him, and when Marshall included him, as well. The show that Nathan did with him was all right, although he sounded slightly different. That's the thing; he's the type of character which isn't as expendable as the others. If you write for Connie, then she can pretty much adapt to anything you toss her way. She can be immature, wise, annoying...anything...

With Nick on the otherhand; the "mysterious, clever-lined packed, New Yorker bad boy, and slick-man" character is for him. When he dishes out ice cream to a kid, I wince. It doesn't fit. Having a New Yorker say in a pleasent way, "Here you go" doesn't work. He has to have his own style of speech...

There were both big differences in how he spoke in "Sounds like a Mystery" and in this episode, compared to how he'd act in others. So I went on a quest to find out why he'd act so uncharacteristic in one, and so terrific in another. I suspected it was simply the actor who was losing his touch. But that's impossible, since he was nearly perfect in "A Lamb's Tale"..."That kid's gonna get himself killed...I like him."

So, was it the writing? John Fornof did both episodes of "Sounds like a Mystery" and "Lost by a Nose," and in the former, their were no words said by Nick indicating that he was the "Slick New Yorker." You could've replaced his character by having Connie, Wooton or Marvin Washington act in his place and it wouldn't have sounded at all different.

Am I not making sence? Has anyone else actually noticed differences in how Nick would act in one in the then different in the other?

Luckily, Nick Mulligan was hosting a girl's beauty contest. That's so him. On the other hand, I don't think his knock-knock jokes are very him at all...I mean, admit it...that joke was terrible.

(back to my review)

The ending to this episode was where the similarities between "Lost by a Nose" and "A Model Child" really clicked in my head. Luckily, it was a character that we already new a bit who was doing the crying. Brenda Fraser, in my mind, does a pretty good job at being the popular girl. She isn't stuck up, or snobby, or anything...she just isn't the stereotypical popular girl. Afterall, you don't necessarily have to be stuck-up to be popular.

I wasn't a huge fan of Gwen. It's not to say that I didn't like her, but I'd rather see her not returning to the series. If their was anyone who I'd enjoy hearing from again who appeared recently in an episode would be Grady. And having a Gwen and a Grady on the show at the same time would sound, well, a bit bizarre. Both names are both similar and uncommon.

Overall, it was a good enough show. I don't enjoy giving ratings, but I will this time; 7.5/10. Not bad, not great, but just good enough.

Review by Jonathan (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

I'm really mixed in this review. Two things stuck out.

1. The poem was excellent.

2. Liz's [change from being a bad girl] has always bothered me. I know people complained, and if the AIO team wants to change her character as a result, they absolutely have to give a reason. It was extremely odd to hear her attempt to be "sensitive" with her words. And besides, I thought she acted the "bad girl" part wonderfully. Without an explanation, the believability and continuity is hurt.

Review by Kanimoto (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

Maybe it was because I had high expectations from reading and writing speculations about today's ep...but I just didn't like it.

On its own, the ep was nice. Nice storyline, nice lesson, nice ending. But compared with all the other recent eps, this one was so average, IMO. I guess I'm getting tired of these "basic" episodes.

Review by Mandy Straussberg (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

I didn't like it much, but it wasn't awful. Even though I didn't like the Mandy/Trent thing, the last episode was really good. This hardly compared.

Review by alwaysHis324 (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

I really really really liked this episode. It had all the key elements that make a good show: memorable characters, intelligent dialogue, an important message delivered well, and enough humor to put a smile on my face.

Mandy and Liz are a great team. I really liked Gwen and would love if she became regular character. I liked the fact that the moral wasn't glossed over or tacked onto the end like an afterthought, but woven throughout the story.

It was in a sence, predictable, but not in annoying way. I mean it was easy to guess what would happen to Liz when she found out she made the finalists, but the strength of the performance and message outweighed predictablilty in my part.

So far this season has been great, two episodes that I love, one I really liked and one that was "uhhhhh". I hope they continue to deliver the rest of the season.

Review by Me (Town Hall)

It was ok. There were a number of problems with it, however, like the fact that Bart didn't even try to get a part in it. I have also found the thing with Nick disturbing. Overall though, it was not too bad.

Review by Screech (Town Hall)

I thought Nick was hillarious!

Review by EugeneFan (Eugene Forever)
Rating: (out of five)

Click here to see the full review.

"Lost By a Nose" did not turn out how I expected it would. After reading comments on the Town Hall and listening to the first scene of the episode, I assumed that "Lost By a Nose" would follow nearly the exact same storyline as "A Model Child". While there were a few similarities, I was pleased that this episode was very different from "A Model Child". I found it to be a "so-so" slice-of-life show.

This show deals with a "Young Miss Odyssey" Contest that judges personality, talent, and academics. Liz feels that the competition is really centered around outward beauty, so she joins the contest to get an inside perspective. She ends up being chosen as one of the finalists, and she forgets about her original intentions and hopes to win the contest. Liz is horrified to discover that just before the contest a zit appears on her nose. Because of this, Liz withdraws from the competition. She learns from a girl named Gwen, who only joined the contest to have fun, that outward beauty is unimportant.

Speaking of Gwen, I was pleased with her being in this show. I wouldn't be surprised if we never heard from her again, but I was happy with the way she behaved in this show. Despite the fact that Liz discouraged her from entering the contest, she entered anyway, and she handled herself very well. Gwen entered the contest for the right reasons, and she was much more mature than any of the other girls in the contest. I was also pleased with the poem that she wrote.

I knew from the start that this episode would be about the importance of inward beauty rather than outward appearances. I suppose this is a relevant topic to cover, because our society seems to be much too focused on outward beauty, as Liz said in the episode. This was the biggest similarity I found to "A Model Child."

I didn't have a problem with any of the music that was chosen for this show. However, I was slightly distracted by the music in certain points of the show. This was because some of the music pieces were the same pieces used in the AIO video games. The music was only distracting because it gave my mind a reason to wander toward the video games rather than the story. I suppose AIO likes to recycle music, which is something they have been doing a lot recently (and I know that other fans have noted the distraction of recycled music in recent shows). I guess shouldn't be so picky about such things.

As I said earlier, this episode was only a "so-so" slice-of-life" episode. The plot wasn't the most dramatic or exciting in the world, and the story was slightly predictable. However, it is good for AIO to include some everyday slice-of-life shows. My rating is a 3 out of 5 stars.

Excerpted Review by Frank (Frank's Breakfast Inn)

Click here to see the full review.

This was the nice and cheerful episode (after last weeks high-action drama) It had it's funny moments, like all of Liz's references to the Himalayas and stuff.

Hmmm. AIO, the suspense and drama and excitement was all tossed around by a pimple? What? It's not usual for AIO to base the all of their show on a usually not-discussed-in-public bodily dysfunction.

Second AIO modeling contest. Good thing Liz didn't get some sort of eating disorder. Good thing it wasn't sponsored by Bart Rathbone.

Mandy and Liz have makeup. Bad! AIO does not endorse makeup in the young with God-given beauty! Bad AIO! Number one - Mandy was allowed to use makeup, number two - she knew how to apply it and thirdly, Liz agreed to wear it, with no reference to the Biblical reason why you shouldn't wear it. Hmmph. I say no makeup until you're 18! Unfortunately most people don't agree with me...

... Liz, the best thing to remember is that if you win the beauty show, big deal. No one will remember you in two years. But if you are a good friend, then your name will go down in history. That's sweet.

It seems that AIO is still snorkeling. Their faith episodes are good for new Christians and the very young, but they never get any deeper. Maybe AIO is trying for outreach, but I wish that they at least mentioned the Bible once or twice. (Because you can get these same sort of morals from most cartoons...although in a slightly rougher form.) Maybe I'm being overly critical, but I liked the days when Whit would gather the kids around him and tell them what they were doing wrong and what the Bible says to do about it. Nick isn't very qualified for this sort of thing. (Not being a Christian himself...although he's getting more towards a decision...)

All of the humor was well placed and very funny...I'll give them credit for that.

I've said a lot of not nice things about AIO...and I apologize. This is a nice slice-of-life and I'll listen to it many times in the future.

562: The Last "I Do"

Episode Information

Consensus: Thumbs Up (24/26 positive reviews)

"The Last I Do" is getting the most positive reviews of the season so far. Many are praising the arrival of another history show and the interesting parallel between this show and the current marriage debate in the U.S. and other countries.

Also Specifically praised is new Odyssey writer Leilani Wells. Some mentioned concern over a "newbie" writer, but reviewers liked her first Odyssey effort. Also praised was the acting, music, and production of the show. A stand-out scene was the running wedding.

A few quibbles also popped up. Most notably, some wondered about casting choices (Should they use Pete Reneday for every historical episode? Should Connie have a part?) and the pace (should it have been two parts?). Finally, a few felt that they had heard the Valentine history story several times before.

Review by Rachel, age 14

I thought it was really well written, and compared to other historical episodes that take two parts to finish, it really packed a lot of information into one episode. I really liked it's representation of Valentine and the rest of the charactors. My only critique would be that most of the voices used do not play permanent charactors in Odyssey, which makes it difficult to be a Kids Radio production. Over all, it was excellent!

Review by Gonkz

I must say that I enjoyed this episode for its historical value. Ever since "Patrick: A Heart Afire," I have been wondering weather or not Odyssey would do an episode on Valentine since little is known about the history of both St. Patrick's Day and Valentine's Day. Nice show overall. I'm glad they are still doing historical episodes.

Review by Elizabeth

I thought that this ep was well done, but I didn't find it very interesting. Actually, I think that the subject was a little too mature for younger kids. I think if you are going to do and ep about standing up for what is right, it can be done in a much more meaningful way that kids could relate to. Such as a problem at school where one of the characters has to decide if they will do what they know is right even if it means they won't be popular, or something like that. Something that I have appreciated about AIO is that they do stories that people can relate to. I know that it's close to Valentine's Day, but I think that AIO should have waited and used a different subject for standing up for what is right. Don't get me wrong, I think that this was a great ep! My only problem is that there are a lot of young kids listening. This sort of subject is okay for older teenagers and above, but not for young children. Anyway, I've said my piece. I did think that this was a well done ep.

Review by Nate, age 16

Odyssey is back! An episode that's funny, touching...Not ridiculous. It actually sounds like a Kids' Radio adventure and it's fun. The best episode since the last BTV. The blind girl, the marriage ceremony on the run...All so unique and beautifully executed. I haven't been thrilled with Odyssey's quality lately, but this is grand!

Review by Arianne, age 29

I never heard this story been told to me this way before. You added humor, kindness, love, and joy into the voices you used on the show. My dad and I enjoyed your show. Thank you.

Review by Bradford G, age 14

Best Episode of 2005 so far! Perfect in every way. My favorite part was the marriage chase scene. Love this episode and story—especially since I have never really heard it before.

Review by Ruthie, age 12.9

It was pretty good! (The new writer did better than I thought!) I enjoyed the "chase wedding." AIO always makes history fun!

Review by Elsa, age 16

Nice episode! Gave me history on Valentine's Day and now I know where it came from!

Review by Loretta, age 37

Hi, my three kids and I have been listening for the last few years (for the most part) on KFAX 1100AM in San Francisco. We tape the weekly program and listen later at bedtime. I have been wondering for a few years what the Valentine story is, and was happily surprised to find out that is what this week's program is about. Just wanted to say that it was very moving and beautiful. Thank you so much. I appreciate that you do cover a lot of world/church history since I did not get much education in that and I desire my children to learn some of the basics of church history. Thank you for great programs. My kids talk about them and beg for more. I wish I could rent or borrow the tapes. Love, Loretta in San Mateo, CA

Review by Sheri, age 14

It was ok, It was the best episode I have heard since "Sunday Morning Scramble." I'd rather hear more Episodes about the people in Odyssey though.

Review by Mandy Straussberg (Town Hall)

I didn't like it much, but that's not based on the merit of the episode as much as it is on my background. I've known the story of Valentine for years and years. I even wrote a play about him once. Thus, this episode bored me greatly.

Review by Christian Cowgirl (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

It was a little boring, I've heard Valentine's story too many times I guess..

Review by Neo3DGfx (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

Would have been 3 stars, but because of the funny scene before Valentine is captured, and the good over-all sound of the episode, I have to go with a 4 on this one. Also, I have to give points to FotF for making an episode that parallels what is going on in the US recently.

Review by Laurie (Town Hall)

I enjoyed this episode for two reasons. The first and most imoportant being that my local station aired it on the day it was supposed to air and did not repeat their mistake of last week. The second reason is that I did not know the story behind Valentine's Day. I had never heard the story until AIO.

Review by JM91 (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

Wow, this was about the best show I've heard all season. I've never heard the story of Valentine before so it was really interesting. An all around good episode.

Review by Bmuntz (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

I enjoyed it very much. It had a good lesson and was interesting. Not the best in the season, but it was really good.

Review by Simbelmyne34 (Town Hall)

I thought it was pretty good. I loved the scene before he got captured, and thats a lot for me because I HATE mushy love stuff! (This one was funny though.)

Review by AIO PSYCHE (Town Hall)

This just might be the best ep this season. A wondeful episode. It felt like AIO. It felt like a classic ep. It was nice to hear Connie. (I'm trying to get all the Connie I can before this "big event.") A great story. I teared up a few times. I didn't know how Valentine's day got its name! Over all a fantastic episode.

Excerpted Review by Gandalf (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

Before I start my review, I have to tell you very openly that I am very biased... I had completely oulined and written out over half of a script for an AIO episode of St. Valentine! ...

I do think AIO should have made this story at least two episodes long. A story as beautiful and epic as this one deserves it, I hope there was a substantial amount that will be added for the album version. One major problem was that the episode provided very little emotion. It was basically a "here's the story, guess you learned something new, ha ha" presentation. A story like this could have been one that makes even the toughest guys need to borrow some Kleenex.

The acting was superb. I'm not sure who played who, but most of the voice talent was perfect for their roles. One role I disliked though, though, was Katie Leigh as Pauline. I personally think AIO overuses Katie and should stick with her as Connie and maybe, every once in a great while, have her play a minor character. It was just too hard sitting there thinking 'that's Connie!' when Pauline was saying stuff like how much she loved Titus.

Lastly, the music was average. It didn't feel original or inspired for this episode, which, as I keep saying, is a pity because it could have been such an epic and intriguing story. I should have liked The Last I Do to contain music on par with, or superior than, Patrick: A Heart Afire, which I believe is one of the greatest works of John Cambell in the whole AIO cannon.

Overall, this episode was a good one. It told the story of Valentine, one that many people aren't familiar with, in a good way. We learned facts, even if we didn't "feel" the episode. I commend Leilani Wells for a job well done, this was a good "first episode" and I hope she writes more episodes in the future. I also loved the way they put the whole marriage protection thing into this episode in a way we, in American and Canada, could relate to.

It is hard to judge this episode on what it is, rather than what I think it could have been. It is very wonderful to hear an epic history show from AIO, and I think if I hadn't already been working on this idea, I would have probably given it at least a four, which I shall do as I am convinced it deserves.

Sorry for the long review, contratulations if you made it all the way through!

Excerpted Review by Bennett Charles (Town Hall)

Time and time again, Odyssey has presented us with stories which go beyond the developement of any Odyssey characters. For this reason, these episodes are oftentimes the least anticipated of the season; but Odyssey wouldn't be the same without them. Most of us know these stories, and so it's no big surprise as to what the plot is, and what to expect. However, it is definitely a nice way to refresh us once we're in the right time to think about it (ex: Saint Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc.) Overall, it's a nice new way to look at the story.

As I said; Most of us know the stories...however, to be quite honest, I didn't know beans about the story of Saint Valentine. And so, after the episode, I decided to do some research about the man.

I often worry about these episodes that re-tell the story of a historic man not listed in the Bible. Why? Because, most of story told sometimes can be legend. You see, with the Bible, we, as Christians, believe that it's the absolute truth. If theirs a plot twist in a Bible-story, then that's what really happened. We should give credit to God for pulling such a miraculous stunt off (are you with me so far...?) For the stories of Telemachus, Saint Patrick, and Saint Valentine, I've done research about the character after I hear them in the episode. I'm saddened to say that much of the details are muffled, and are accused to be legend. Afterall, legend has it that Saint Valentine left her a note. It's not fact... It's giving credit to God for doing things that he might not have nessecarily done. Is that wrong? I don't honestly know.

Aside from that, I was glad to finally know the story of Saint Valentine. (I honestly always thought it was a girl.)

Feel free to call me a romantic, but I enjoy hearing a nice romance once in a while. They're often just "feel good" movies and episodes. But oftentimes, it gets dull after a while. The plot gets predictable. The characters are jerks. You don't really care for any of them. This episode beats those overwhelmingly bad romance-factors. I enjoyed the characters. I enjoyed the prison guard's daughter. She was sweet and had a very nice and unique voice. It was one of those voices where the picture of the character is emmediatly painted inside your head. Valentine had a good voice as well. As a matter of fact, practically all of the voices was a refreshing break from the usual ones. That's why episodes like these distinguish themselves from the rest of the series.

However, and I'm referring to something Shadowpaw commented on in his review: Pete Reneday appears way too much. Don't get me wrong, his voice is terrific. It has that real "history" sound to it. But, they may want to slow down in how much he's used during historic shows

Speaking of Shadowpaw's review, I had banged my head on the table trying to figure out who Felix's voice reminded me of. Thenardier, of course! Him, along with Julia, and Valentine, were cast perfectly for each of their roles. I wasn't a big fan of Connie taking on a role, however...but that didn't bother me too much. I had assumed when I first heard her that she would be the main character of the story.

The music was a nice change. Enough said there.

I enjoyed Valentine's deffinition of marriage. Considering the state of the world these days, it's a nice way to pound into kid's heads that marriage and families are important.

In conclusion, I was a little hesitant in enjoying this episode from an unknown writer. I felt she knew exactly what she was doing. However, each and every scene seemed shorter then usual. I almost felt like it could've been a two part episode. The exchange of converstation would've had a greater effect if they were more drawn-out. Right after an event happened or a point had been said, it was immediately followed by another one. No time was waisted; however, because of that, I felt just a little rushed through it. On the plus side, much was accomplished this way.

Overall, great episode. I'm glad it made it to the series.

Review by Arwen (Town Hall)

I really liked the episode today. I really did not know anything about Valentine's Day, other than the fact that it was named after St. Valentine.

Review by OrigamiKid (Town Hall)

Being from Massachusetts, this ep really hit home for me with the whole marriage issue. I will continue praying for the future of marriage in the US, Canada, and around the world. I will also do more to let those representing me know how they can best represent me. Please do the same!

I also thought this was a classic.

Review by happysmiler (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

I really liked this ep. As has already been said, it's been a while since we had a history type show, and I really liked that. I also love Valentine's Day, and I had just done some research on the subject, so it was cool to hear it again! The characters were also good.

Review by Me (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

Looking at the episode in general, it was excellent. The acting was fair, the story was good. However, my enjoyment ended there. For one thing, I am sick of hearing the story of Valentine. Every time I hear it it seems to be a different version. Even this wouldn't be so bad if I actually cared about him. The fact remains that the holiday has become a "Hallmark Holliday," but that is outside the scope of this review.

As a writer, I think Ms. Wells has great promise in the Odyssey universe as long as she stays away from the historical episodes. There is one primary reason for this. To wit, the dialogue was not of the proper antiquity/vintage. Many of the phrases employed jarred the senses as being entirely too modern. Not exactly what one wants in a historical episode.

Aside from these quibbles, the episode was excellent. However, the latter problem was so pronounced that I must rate it at three out of five stars. Were it not for these shortcomings, I would have given this episode a five, which only two other historical episodes have merited in my point of view.

Review by Jonathan (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

I have been properly put in my place and owe my greatest apologies to Ms. Wells. I also retract anything I said about her writing before I heard this episode.

I loved it. Excellent. The music, acting, sounds, flow, history, story, it was excellent. This was the first episode in a long long time since 1997 that I've felt like I was listening to an old episode. This had the classic AIO feel all over it.

And so, with my foot appropriately in my mouth, I give it 5/5 stars.

Review by Shadowpaw (The Soda Fountain)
Rating: (out of five)

Click here to see the full review.

Growing up, the only exposure I ever had to the story behind Valentine's Day was Adventures in Odyssey. Back when the show was still called Odyssey USA, there was an episode called "Bobby's Valentine" that was later remade into "The Trouble with Girls". As part of Chris' wrap, she briefly laid out a tale about a man who was put in prison for refusing to worship different gods. The children in this man's life loved him so much that they went to the prison and passed cards to him through the bars. That concept later evolved into our present day exchange of cards and flowers on Valentine's Day. You can listen to the story here. Amazingly, even though it's been 17 years, that brief blurb by Chris was the only interpretation I had ever heard for the origin of the day. As a result, I was able to approach this episode without any pre-conceived notions of what to expect, aside from those few small details, and was able to enjoy it from a fresh perspective.

Which is personally of great value to me as historical and biblical shows are not my favorite Adventures in Odyssey genres. The shows themselves aren't bad, but they are often simple re-tellings of stories I have heard many times before. And despite the fact the plots are generally approached from a unique angle, the episodes don't involve any of the main characters and as such, don't lend a hand to character progression. So while some might be enjoyable, they rarely get the privilege of sitting in my tape player. However, Valentine and his adventures were new to me and I was actually invested in the character and what he would do next.

And it is an interesting and romantic story. Despite the fact Leilani Wells, the writer of the episode, is not a member of the Odyssey staff, it still felt like an Odyssey episode and she's obviously comfortable with the format. And contrary to what many people may think, it's often harder to write a story based on material that already exists than it is to create a story from scratch because you're limited in what you can do. Thankfully the episode adapted the story successfully without feeling bogged down with unnecessary back story or prologue and there was also plenty of action. It takes some creative thinking to turn a typical exchange of dialogue into an exciting moment for radio and it always felt like the characters had something to do... which is not an easy feat. A perfect example is the marriage between Paulina and Titus. It might be nice to hear these two characters get married, but does it make for exciting radio? No, especially if we don't know the characters very well. But have their wedding take place while they are running through the woods from Roman guards... now you've got a scene on your hands! It was a fun way to do it and the music elevated that scene to a new level. In fact, the music throughout the show was terrific and made for a very cinematic experience. Another scene with great music was where Valentine is discussing the different colors of flowers and the music changes to reflect the color of the flower being described... small details like this are essential to a quality show.

Though it does bug me that it seems Pete Reneday must take part in historical/biblical shows on a regular basis for AIO. The short list of his AIO credits include Blackbeard, Paul/Saul, John the Baptist, St. Patrick, and now Claudius. I'm all for actors playing multiple roles, but not when every single time the voice is identical to the previous character. It's just frustrating to think that in a place as big as California, there aren't any actors who can perform the role with even a slightly different take on a historical figure. On the other hand, I thought Julia was terrific and the character of Felix reminded me a lot of Thenardier from Les Miserables.

In the end, the show succeeded in what it set out to accomplish. Those who have already heard the story of Valentine might discover that no new ground has been broken, but for others like myself, they should be able to enjoy it for both it's plot and it's message. A tragic story, yes, but one that we have not yet forgotten.

563: Tuesdays with Wooton

Episode Information

Consensus: Thumbs Up (28/29 positive reviews)

Once again, another episode has taken the title of "Best Reviewed" episode this season. Taking the torch from "The Last I Do," which took the torch from "The Present Long Ago," which took from "The Coolest Dogs," the latest Odyssey episode is getting mostly estatic reviews. Fans seem to agree that the season is getting better and better.

Praise is heaped on both Wooton and Grady, for their characters, their great voice acting, and the writing behind them. All reviewers hoped that these two would stay around for a long time. Specifically, many noted that Wooton continues to find a way into people's hearts and Seth is a terrific voice actor for one his age.

Two smaller roles also join the category of great charactes with Mr. Blaylock (the bus driver) and Mrs. Drummond (the thrift store worker) turning into memorable performances.

Comments by Torry Martin (Writer of this episode)

I know that I'm probably not supposed to review my own episodes but the door was open and I thought I smelled fresh licorice so I decided to come on in and do it anyway. Besides I'm really doing a review of the reviews so it should be okay.

First of all, I've got to say to the fans that you make my day every time I hear from one of you. Coming in and reading the reviews is sometimes scary for me because not everyone is a fan of Wooton and it's hard for me to distance myself from taking it personal. It kind of feels like when you bake a white cake with lemon filling and then add chocolate frosting sprinkled with dried banana chips for a friend and then the friend says they don't like white cake with lemon filling, chocolate frosting and banana chips. I mean as crazy as it seems for someone not to like that ya still can't help but get your feelings a little hurt on accounta it's your favorite which is why ya made it for them in the first place. I'm an emotional eater too by the way so just by my sharing how that feels to have bad reviews sometimes, it's already making me crave a white cake with lemon filling, chocolate icing and dried bananas. Gotta cook. I'll be back in an hour and a half to finish this.

(Ten minutes later)

I didn't have all of the ingredients to make my cake so I just rolled a corn muffin in cream cheese and sprinkled it with raisins. I learned an important lesson though. A corn muffin isn't cake, cream cheese isn't frosting and raisins…well, raisins are okay no matter what so I picked them off and ate them but left the corn muffin and cream cheese.

Anyway, the reason I am writing in here is because your reviews were so wonderful that I had to set some things straight. As much as I appreciate the compliments, I really don't deserve them all to myself. This particular episode was written by Marshal Younger AND myself. I don't know why they listed the credits the other way around but the truth is that Marshal Younger does far more with my episodes than I do. He puts the polish on everything I do and he adds so much brilliance to my shows that it takes what was originally just on "okay" script and turns it into…hmm…what's good? Oh I know! He turns it into a WHITE CAKE WITH LEMON FILLING, CHOCOLATE ICING AND BANANA CHIPS SCRIPT! Yeah, that's what he does. He makes my stories sweeter and easier to swallow. I aspire to be able to write like him. Let me tell you just some of what he did in this episode alone.

The entire Miss Drummond scene was written by him, the bookstore scene, the treehouse scene and the entire montage of Tuesdays at the end were also all written by Marshal. (The bookstore scene was my favorite by the way and I also loved Miss Drummond.) The bus driver though- THAT was mine and if Marshal tries to take credit for it I'll hunt him down.

Marshal Younger.
He writing is full of heart and humor. Just like Marshal is as a person. I don't know what I'd do without him. I'll tell ya this, though—I wouldn't be writing and I love the guy.

Nathan Hoobler.
That "Pseudo Max" line in this episode? He wrote that. He sent me an outline where he had written that in it and I used it because it was so funny. He also did the "I used to belong to that troop when it was still 408" line which also cracked me up. By the way, Nathan is probably the nicest person I have ever met and I think of him as a little brother who got all the brains for the entire Martin lineage. He's just THAT smart.

Kathy Buchanan and John Fornof—well, they didn't have anything to do with this episode but they're okay as people so whatever.
(Heh-heh- just having some fun) They are WONDERFUL people both of whom I am honored to have as friends but still they didn't have anything to do with this particular script that I'm aware of so I'll rave about them at a later point. OR they can just do what Marshal does and come in here, rewrite what I've written about them and make it look REALLY great! (I love you two, though, and you both know it!)

Anyway folks, I mainly wanted to say thank you for the compliments for this episode from ALL of us. We each have different abilities and approaches to our writing but the one thing we have in common is our love for Odyssey and for the listeners. You're the best. Thank you.

PS- If there is someone out there though who posts something later here and says that they absolutely HATED this episode...well, then the ENTIRE thing was written by Kathy Buchanan and neither Marshal nor myself had anything to do with it. Heh-heh.

Review by JoyElectric

I wanted to get this in before the new runs of shows, but "Tuesdays with Wooton" is a gem. Thank you to everyone involved!

Review by Josiah, age 12

Wow, I really liked this episode. Not only did it teach about honesty but also to be nice to people even if they did something bad toward you. It also has its fair share of humor...Wooton happens to be my favorite character).

Review by Tyana Fitzpatrick, age 13

"Tuesdays with Wooton" is an exciting adventure that will help you understand that being kind is always right and that God can and will work in mysterious ways.

Review by Jack, age 14

I thought this ep was pretty good, but I did think it was going to be a lot funnier because of the name. But it was still a good ep...just not as funny as you might first think.

Review by Deidre, age 13

I thought it was really funny! I liked the part where Wooton was calling Grady all different names because he didn't know his real name. :-)

Review by Bill, age 35

I liked this episode. Wooton, as usual, had some terrific lines. I found it interesting that the writers were showing the reverse side of Seth's evangelism ferver. His zeal is great, but it can turn people off. Not everyone responds right away to a person's attempts at witnessing. This episode had a strong moral lesson and it had the feel of a traditional Odyssey episode, from the early days.

Review by Gonkz

NICE EPISODE!! Loved it. Not perfect, but a very nice season-ender. I like the use of Wooton here. He's really working in that type good-friend role. Next to "Sunday Morning Scramble" and "A Lamb's Tale" this is the best episode of the 2004-2005 season. And depending on what the "Something Big" is this maybe the last slice-of-life episode for a while.

Review by Debbie, age 19

I love this episode. It was the best one so far.

Review by Ruthie, age 12.9

I liked it! But Seth was pretty bad! Taking Grady and his sister to church just to get Sunday School point! Is impersonating a Boy Scout a federal offense?

Review by Sarah, age 18

I loved it! I thought it was the best episode this season! I can't wait 'til someone figures out that Wooton is the artist for Powerboy. Grady was was nice to find out more about him. I also liked the thrift store worker and the ending clip in Chris's talk. All in all, a very enjoyable episode.

Review by Chloe, age 14

This was a really good ep. I definitely like Wooton a lot. I hope to hear more eps like this. I was pretty happy that Marvin and Trent weren't in this ep at all. The saleslady at the thrift store was hilarious. Wooton did a terrific job talking to Mrs. Hampton at the grocery store. I was glad to hear from Grady again, I like his character. Anyway, I really liked this ep. Good job AIO!

Review by Paul B

Wooton's new friend isn't who he said he is. Wooton finds out his new friend is also stealing mail—Power Boy comics. The mystery of Wooton's new friend was a good store. Wonder if he will find out that wooton not only pulls strings to get him Power Boy comics, but I believe Wooton owns and draws Power Boy comics.

Review by DrWhit73, age 32

I really liked this episode. In fact I like every episode with Wooton. I think the continuation of the Power Boy irony is great where the listeners know about Wooton's Power Boy connection but the characters do not. Great episode.

Review by Jonathan (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

Yay! The upper midwest exists in the AIO world. I'm tickled they mentioned Duluth, one of my favorite cities in my home state. Now to the review...

With every episode I grow more appreciation for Wooton. "I'm thinking Cougar? Or maybe Puma?" I'm still laughing about those lines.

This was a good episode. I wouldn't call it classic or anything, but nice. Which is probably good b/c we all know the next episode won't be slice-of-life, which this one is.

Seth is a puzzlement to me. It seems like he's gone farther down the road of stupidity. I think he's ok for the show, and could make for some good stories, but here he's annoying. I'm also wondering if Grady will figure it out. This also could make for some good stories.

Have I mentioned I'm really liking Wooton. I didn't when he was first introduced, but he just keeps getting better and better. And better. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. He's got a big heart. He shows wisdom, campassion, he cares for his friends, and goes out of the way for people. This episode also proves that Wooton can carry an episode where he is the center.

Review by happysmiler (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

This is a great ep! I love the fact that is has Wooton in it! He's awesome! I also thought that the part with the lady at the thrift shop was too funny! LOL! The lesson in this ep was also very good. It is so much better to witness to someone when they have gotten to know and trust you. Very important!

Review by GusDeHaan (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

What about the fact that the Bible is Gods word, and what you say is the truth , and regardless of your relationship to a person, the truth still either is accepted because the peson has been given the Holy Spirit, or, rejected because they are not given the Holy Spirit.

Review by AIO PSYCHE (Town Hall)

One of the best Wooten episodes! I loved it! After all, they had to end on a positive note since the next new is gonna be depressing, gloomy, and soemthing bad happening...

Review by Christian Cowgirl (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

That was really good! Wooton is now my favorite! I liked the way he didn't push church on Grady. Anyway Wooton just wanted to be his friend and share the love of Power Boy with hopes of bringing in his faith later on. Great ep.

Review by Eugene Blackgaard (Town Hall)

INCREDIBLE! Odyssey produced a character with a small-town feel while being totally realistic at the same time and not a trace of cheesiness was to be found!

I'm only 01:41 into the show, but I must say the Bus Driver in the beginning was such a great character! He was so realistic. He had the manner of the kind of guy I'd find in my church. Just the average guy. Wow. What an incredible character. We haven't had anyone normally cool on Oddsey for...a long time.

Review by Jeremy (Town Hall)

Yes, I thought the bus driver was great, too! Very realistic, as you said—great scene.

Review by JM91 (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

This episode still has me laughing at some of the lines in it. Wooton was super (he always is) and Grady made it more interesting also. The part at the end where Wooton was talking to the woman at church was so funny!

Review by JM91 (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

"Another Day, Another Dog Bite"

I loved it! But Seth does need to get a life! Taking Grady and his Sister to church and then just leaving them there! All for Sunday School points? A very bad first impression of "Church Goers." The bus driver was really funny, my dad does that sort of stuff to me when I'm in a hurry!

I also enjoyed the lady at the Thrift store. She knew everything except the important stuff!

Wooton is ALWAYS funny. Listen closely to the things he says and you'll crack up with laughter!

Review by Bennett Charles (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

Torry Martin.

The writer seems to separate himself from the rest of the gang. Why? Well, I’m not saying he’s the best writer; but when it comes to diologue, well, he should get an award or something. When I listen to Odyssey, I expect to be held onto an episode by the storyline. Storyline is always the key for me…which is why "The Coolest Dog" was a downright disappointed. There was nothing captivating about it. Now, I’m not saying that this episode was a "terrific storyline." Though, I’m not saying it wasn’t either. It was a nice cute story which made you want to hear what happens in the end. But, if that was the core of it, it would've been an average episode. However, it wasn’t.

Torry Martin.

He gives each and every one of his episodes that extra kick. His writing is superb. It’s original. It’s brilliant. It isn’t corny, whatsoever.

You know those television shows where you can always guess the punchline and assume what’s coming next before the actor says it? Odyssey can sometimes follow that example once in a while. Torry Martin episodes rarely do.

This isn’t to say that this was the best Wooton episode out there—it wasn’t. My heart still lies with the hilarious antics in, "Nothing but the Half Truth." And "Do or Diet" and "Bassett Hounds" take second place. However this one takes the bronze medal, slipping into 3rd place.

It goes without saying that everyone enjoys Wooton more and more each time we hear him appear. I can see it everywhere now; little Tommy turns on the radio, and hears the voice of Wooton joking around on the airwaves. He then excitedly calls his brother Joe, “Hey! It’s a Wooton episode! Common, you’re missing it!”

He’s the real classic character.

This episode showed a newer side of Wooton we haven’t seen. He has a big heart. He’ll work hard to be liked by anyone else; no matter what age or size you are. He doesn’t treat a kid any stupider as he treats an adult. He may not be the most clever character in the series, but he’s a role model for kid’s everywhere. Hearing Wooton in his 16th episode, I look back and think at what I’ve learned from him. I’ve learned be kind, be myself no matter what, to be honest, to be a good friend, be compassionate, and to never look down at someone just because he/she is younger.

Its definitely something Harlow never had. I don’t know about everyone else, but Wooton sounded an awful lot like the mentally-challenged detective at the beginning when he was looking at the clues in all the wrong angles. This is a big difference between the two characters. (Many people think they resemble quite a bit.) I don’t think that way anymore, to be honest. Afterall, if they had stuck Harlow in there, there was no way the conclusion to the episode would’ve turned out the way it did.

I’m a little disappointed that this Wooton-episode didn’t have any new music. I usually look forward to a new high-energized tune in these eps. All the music was re-used from the past.

Anyways, turning away from Torry Martin and Wooton…

As much as I dislike new characters, I feel like Grady should stay. He’s a nice, young, fresh, and interesting kid-character. He’s young enough that we can enjoy him quite a bit in the years ahead. However I now feel like we have too many kids. I sure hope no one gets bumped out anytime soon.

Although, I’m a little concerned with the fact that Grady has both a sister and a brother. Does this mean we’ll have to be introduced with them as well? Hmm…I sure hope not. I mean, I can get to like one kid, but to learn how to love three at once isn’t much fun. Look at the episodes in "Signed, Sealed and Commited." Now that’s an example of a lot of characters where we had to like…and which none stuck around.

As for the rest of the characters; Connie was nice and normal (for once), the Thrift-Shop Clerk was perfect for the role and performed it quite nicely, and the bus driver was a nice addition as well.

Seth always seems to be everyone’s hated character. I don’t mind him that much, to be honest, but I only wished they could flat out tell us what he’s doing is wrong. Unless maybe they feel they don’t need to. Afterall, Seth has been wrong in every episode he’s appeared in (almost).

Still, I felt like Wooton could've gone over to Seth in the last few minutes of the episode and talk to him. There was this time near the end where I was sure that he was going to. It would've wrapped up two storylines into one, which, I felt, would've worked well.

The story itself could’ve been only slightly better. The ending could've been just a little more climactic if it wanted to be. I mentioned it earlier that I was expecting a "Father Figure" type of episode (Just South of Normal)…with a serious episode involving a serious episode.

To be honest, I’m still waiting for Wooton to deal with a serious issue. I think we’d like him all the more. Look at sitcoms…the best episodes are the ones where the actors deal with something sad, or serious. It’s a well know fact that mixing humour with grief creates tension. Want a good example of this? Just go rent "Life is Beautiful" and you’ll see what I mean.

By the way, did anyone else notice that this episode took place over nearly a month’s time? There were at least three Tuesdays…(if I remember correctly)

Overall: Nice episode. Everything was just about perfect. It’s a good way to end these "slice of life" episodes, and get on to the action-packed ones.

Review by Bmuntz (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

Let's start first with the bus driver. He was great. It was the type of thing you would find in a smaller town where everybody knows each other. That's the type of thing that makes small towns better then big cities and Odyssey has reminded us of that.

I liked Grady's personality and he does have reactions that a kid might have around that age to that experience and that was good. But I dislike his voice. His voice is too perfect and poilshed for any kid that age. But especially coming from his low income home, I think his voice is off the part he is playing. His voice level dosen't change much no matter what feeling he is trying to get over to us. While on the other hand Wooton does a great job with his voice.

Wooton was great in every way. He was his funny self well at the same time helping Grady. He didn't drive Grady to give him infomation about himself insted just went along with it until he could be trusted by Grady. He also had the Thrift shop lady to help him make two very funny scenes.

Review by Kanimoto (Town Hall)
Rating: (out of five)

I was surprised and immensely pleased by this ep. I knew that most Wooton episodes were great, but this one was through the roof!

When I listened to the opening scene, I was ecstatic to hear from Grady. Jordan Orr's pretty good for a young actor. Grady's a good character, in my opinion, because he doesn't come across as the typical Odyssey kid (two-parent home, comfortable life, wild imagination). He's different from the way most of them were at his age (which I'm guessing to be between eight and ten years). He seems intent and focused—a man on a mission who keeps his word. Sure, he lied and stole, but I admire how smart he is. Hopefully, he'll become a consistent Odyssey character (along with his family!).

The only problem with that is that some of the older Odyssey kids may disappear. I hope that is not the case this time...

Wooton was awesome, as always. With the help of Torry Martin's great writing, Jess Harnell has this knack of making his character flow from one scene to the next! I especially loved the scene where Wooton got Grady to admit that he was "pseudo-Max." Wooton had so many outstanding funny lines I can't pick my favorite one!

The lesson was great, too, and one that I can easily apply. Now, I will try to reach out more to those I don't know, especially newcomers to the groups I'm in.

The only low part I found in this ep was the reappearance of Seth. He annoys me to no end, mostly because of his over-emphasis on evangelism. I think Odyssey should make him grow up, realize the error of his ways, and make him friends with Jared. After all, the number of older boys in Odyssey seems to be dwindling, so why mess up one of the few remaining?

By the way, the fact that Wooton actually solved a mystery proves that he's smarter than Officer Harley/Detective Harlow.

Review by Me (Town Hall)

I loved this ep. The only problems were that at first Wooton seemed unfamiliar with thrift stores even though he frequents them ("For the Fun of It"), and that it ended too soon. This was a good ep that will become a classic in time. I'm currently listening to it for the third time.

Review by John L
Rating: (out of five)

What does the popular term "classic Odyssey" mean to you? Does it bring about images of kids living normal life in the hamlet of Odyssey (or as normal as life is there!)? That's one thing I think of when I hear that phrase. Many people associate "classic Odyssey" with Whit being at the center of the show giving advice to both kids and adults, but I personally don't think a great episode needs to have Whit as the main character. Just look at all the episodes produced after Hal Smith's death, and you'll see what I mean. This episode (Tuesdays with Wooton) is a terrific example. Instead of Whit, we have Wooton giving advice to a troubled kid.

Before I get on to the main portion of the review, let me just voice my opinion about Wooton. I love his character. Call me crazy if you want, but Odyssey just wouldn't be the same without him. In fact, when I first heard "Welcoming Wooton," I knew there was something about him that was really likeable, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. Was it his jovial attitude? That was part of it, but what made me enjoy his personality was his love for people. As I thought about it more, I realized that Wooton and I share a lot in common. (Okay, hopefully that doesn't scare some people. :-))

All right, on to the episode. The main thing I enjoyed (besides Wooton) was the character development of Grady. When I first heard him in A Lamb's Tale, I thought he would disappear and never appear in another episode. (Hey, it did happen with Austin in another Christmas show - The Popsicle Kid!) But it is great to hear Grady again, and I think the actor's voice is so much more clear and believable than it was in A Lamb's Tale. The only time it seemed forced was in the second scene with Seth. It may be just me, but it almost sounded like Grady was performing his "angry voice" (" DON'T!"). A minor problem that doesn't really take away from the episode.

Wooton, like always, is fantastic. It's amazing to hear him interact with such a wide variety of people, including a little boy, Connie, Max's mom, and some woman at the thrift store. All of his scenes contain excellent dialogue ("That's it! I deliver oil change coupons then! HE CHANGES HIS OIL ON TUESDAYS!!" or "I'm thinking...cougar? No, maybe leopard.") that makes the show all the more memorable. One of my favorite parts of the show was the running gag of Wooton calling Grady by different names. Hey, maybe this is why Grady finally gave his name away at the end! :-) Anyway, I always enjoy hearing humor like this from Wooton. Jess Harnell is a very versatile actor, as we have seen with his Wooton, Bennett Charles, and Arnold Schwartzenbanger, and it's remarkable how he can breathe life into such a charming character.

My least favorite part of this episode was the "Powerboy Fan Club meeting." I wish we could have heard some interaction between Grady and Marvin (although a conversation about Powerboy without Wooton probably would have sounded pretty boring :-)). It's kind of sad to not hear Grady talking with other kids, except for Seth, unfortunately. I don't particularly care for Seth and his personality, and I think it's rather appropriate for the writers to portray him as doing wrong. :-)

The music in this show was okay, but I don't enjoy it as much when most—if not all—of the music cues are recycled from old episodes (in this case, Do or Diet) . First it was And That's the Truth, then A Glass Darkly, and now this? Don't get me wrong, I think it's good to reuse library music sometimes, but it's been kind of going overboard lately.

But, imperfections put aside, this is definitely what I consider to be "classic Odyssey." The storyline may not seem like much, but it's enjoyable because of its lesson and the fact that we somehow already knew these characters. Somewhere, there's a Grady in our lives. A Mr. Blaylock. Or maybe even a Ms. Drummond. :-)

Review by Shadowpaw (The Soda Fountain)
Rating: (out of five)

Click here to see the full review.

During the opening scene, my mind get stuck on the name of the bus driver: Blaylock. It ran through my head over and over as I tried to recall where I had heard the name before and I soon realized it was the name of Walter's missionary friend in "Sheep's Clothing". He asks if Monica Stone (as Paula Jarvis) knew his buddy Kenny Blaylock, but she informs him that she had never heard of him. You might think it's incredibly odd that I bring it up, but it's noteworthy for being unique and it's appeared twice now. Could it possibly be the name of a friend or relative of an Odyssey staff member? Marshal Younger has slipped Robert Skeed's name into several episodes, so why not this mysterious Blaylock? Maybe it will be an AIO trivia question of the future. Time will tell...

Torry Martin's latest episode was another terrific slice of life show, containing that Wooton charm we've come to love and those laugh out loud moments we've come to expect. I'm not sure if more credit should go to Torry or Jess, but this character is quite possibly one of AIO's most lovable characters ever created. The former crafted an interesting and complex back story (not all of which we've heard) as well as writes some fantastic jokes, while the latter takes those jokes off the page and still makes Wooton feel like a real character. It would have been easy for him to become another Harlow Doyle - a bumbling buffoon who lacks intelligence and heart - but Wooton possesses both attributes in spades.

And recall in the review I posted for "True Calling" that I mentioned the guidance counselor was a great secondary character because he wasn't just window dressing... it seemed like his story might as interesting as any of the major characters. And both Mr. Blaylock (the bus driver) and Ms. Drummon (the thrift shop employee) are two more examples of well developed sidebars that elevate the show to a more memorable platform. The interactions between Wooton and Ms. Drummon were particularly delightful and reminded me of long lost people like Mr. Watson (the "bad joke buzzer" guy from "Heatwave") and the annoying teller from "Feud for Thought", who refuses to help Eugene and Bernard except at the correct "window". Interesting characters like these are solid additions to AIO's rich library of characters and subtlety make any given episode that much funnier.

I'm also very pleased to hear from Seth. Actually, no, I'm not pleased to hear from Seth but rather I'm pleased that he was accused of doing something cruel to Grady and his sister, and was not cleared of wrong doing by the end. I don't like his character and I never will... in fact, I would be more than happy if Seth and Liz got married and the two moved out of town. They're perfect for each other! Having a church going character in Odyssey who isn't a good role model is actually quite interesting and different for the series. Normally this is where I would say "let's hope we hear more of it", but sadly, if Seth is the one we must suffer to listen to, I would gladly bypass this plot line.

There were also some weird things in the episode. When Grady and Wooton were working on his tree house and Grady mentioned that there were "all these people" working with them, I just didn't buy it. Maybe it will sound different on a CD, but the area around Wooton and Grady sounded deathly quiet for most of the scene. Where was the ambient voices of the "twenty people" playing and laughing while they worked? So from a technical standpoint, that irked me. And then from a plot standpoint, wouldn't Max have found it incredibly strange that he stopped receiving his weekly Power Boy comic? If I went a week or two without receiving something I had paid good money for, I would be calling to complain. But here it seemed Max was completely ignorant of the fact he was no longer getting them in the mail. There was never really an attempt to explain that.

However, there were too many good points to overshadow the bad. From the acting of Grady to the running gag of Wooton calling him by different names, the episode was a great slice of life show to lead into the groundbreaking episodes to come.

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