Classics 10: Freedom Run

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Essential Facts:
Writer: Paul McCusker

I had been captured by slave traders, and it was up to Jack to find me. In fact, I had just promised Eveline, a runaway slave, that I would help her father, then suddenly Jack and I were instantly back in Whit's basement. Well, I could't break my word to Eveline, so Jack agreed to return with me to help her and Clarence make their way to freedom along the Underground Railroad. I sure hope we can fix everything though and quick!

Important Characters:

Whit, Jack Davis, Matt Booker, *Eveline, *Mr. Kinsey, *Colonel Alexander Ross, *Jonah, *Lizzie, *Rev. Andrew Ferguson / Jamison, *Richard Mason, *Annabelle Mason, *Clarence, *Mr. Hickocks, *Washington, *Judge Thadeus Stallcup, *Peter Fields, *Nathaniel, *Adam Green, *Hank, *Sonny, *Wylie, *Mr. Booker


Rating: 3 1/2 stars


This book was told from the first hand perspective of both Jack Davis and Matt Booker.

This book was the conclusion of Book 9, Dark Passage.

Contains an Imagination Station adventure.


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