"N" Characters


461: BTV: Obedience


317: B-TV: Envy


210: On Solid Ground


144: Someone to Watch Over Me


541: Bernard & Saul


402: Arizona Sunrise

Nancy Johnson

243: Family Values
301: The Good, the Bad, & Butch
375: The Pushover


360: Three Funerals and a Wedding, Part 1
361: Three Funerals and a Wedding, Part 2

*Nasty Wormbucket

413: The Devil Made Me Do It

514: Room Enough for Two


302: Share & Share Alike

*Nathan (Biblical)

317: B-TV: Envy
404: Hide and Seek

Nathan (Odyssey kid, brother of Tony)

Book 8: Point of No Return

*Nathan (Fictional 1851 character)

314: The Underground Railroad, Part 1
315: The Underground Railroad, Part 2
316: The Underground Railroad, Part 3

*Nathan Hale

33: The Day Independence Came

Nathan Forrest

168: The Curse


98: The Visitors

Book 10: Freedom Run

Nathaniel Graham

Blake Ewing


416: The Tower
426: The Buck Starts Here
429: The YAK Problem
430: Blind Girl's Bluff
431a: Where There's Smoke (Split)
434: BTV: Redeeming the Season
439: BTV: Grace
444a: Career Moves (Split)
448: Mandy's Debut (It's All My Fault/I'll Do It My Way) (Split)
451: Life Trials of the Rich and Famous
452: Missionary: Impossible
462: The W. E.
466: Snow Day
471: Fifteen Minutes
477: O. T. Action News: Battle at the Kishon
499: Exit (in the Imagination Station flashback sequence)


35: VBS Blues
237: Deliver Us from Evil


408: Malachi's Message, Part 3

Ned Lewis

35: VBS Blues
37: Camp What-a-Nut, Part 1
38: Camp What-a-Nut, Part 2

*Ned Tatch

297: Blackbeard's Treasure


Mysteries Book 2: The Case of the Hooded Horseman

*Governor Nero

347: St. Paul: An Appointment with Caesar


197: The Midnight Ride

*Saint Nicholas

434: BTV: Redeeming the Season

Nicholas Adamsworth

76: Eugene's Dilemma
80: A Prisoner for Christ
239: The Power

Nicholas Klaushack

Mysteries Book 2: The Case of the Hooded Horseman


186: The Conscientious Cross-Guard

Nick Grant (Albert Leech)

220: This Is Chad Pearson?

Nick Mulligan

Chris Castile


Mysteries Book 2: The Case of the Hooded Horseman


377: Just Say Yes
382: Viva La Difference
388: Leap of Faith
399: Bernard and Job
411: In All Things Give Thanks
431a: Where There's Smoke (Split)
444b: The Bad Guy (Split)
462: The W. E.
473: Breaking Point
483: Secrets
490: The Black Veil, Part 1
492: Twisting Pathway
496: Exceptional Circumstances
499: Exit
522: All Things to All People
528: The Taming of the Two
548: Sounds Like a Mystery
557: A Lamb's Tale
561: Lost by a Nose


2: The Life of the Party

Nicky Rogers

FP13: A Simple Addition
22: A Simple Addition

Nicky Wilson

207: The Case of the Candid Camera


360: Three Funerals and a Wedding, Part 1

*King Niehl

394: Patrick: A Heart Afire, Part 1

Mrs. Nietchew

506: For Trying Out Loud
539: Called on in Class
553: Potential Possibilities


42: The Last Great Adventure of the Summer


416: The Tower


56: By Faith, Noah
439: BTV: Grace
???: Bethany's Flood

*Mrs. Noah

???: Bethany's Flood


464: The Triangle, Part 1 (in flashback)


453: The Great Wishy Woz, Part 1
454: The Great Wishy Woz, Part 2

Norm Sardoni

431b: The Virtual Kid (Split)

*Norton Hollingsworth

521: Hindsight

*Mr. Nose

515: BTV: Behind the Scenes