Special Albums

Classics Series

The Classics Series is designed to put together some of the best AIO episodes together by theme.

Welcome to Odyssey (Classics 1)
A Maze of Mysteries (Classics 2)
Bible Eyewitness: Old Testament (Classics 3)
Bible Eyewitness: New Testament (Classics 4)
Comic Belief (Classics 5)
Star Spangled Stories of American History (Classics 6)
Drive Time (Classics 7)

Other Special Albums

These two albums are not available from Focus on the Family.

Family Portraits (Special)
Odyssey USA (Special)

This album features some of the "best" Bible stories from the early days of AIO.  Most of this album was duplicated by later "classic" albums.

Chronicles, Kings, and Crosses (Special)

The album follows the last six episodes of the Barclay family story (until they move to Pokenberry Falls).

More than Sundays (Special)

The album features twevle episodes about dealing with grief.

Good Grief! God's Love in the Midst of Sorrow (Special)