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The Classic Series

Though not officially titled the "Classic Series," these are the original twelve AIO story books written.  They are authored by Paul McCusker.

Classics: The First Six

The first six books all have Mark Prescott as their central character and revolve around his friendship with Patti Eldridge and their adventures in Odyssey.  These books take place about a year or two before the radio series episode 1: Whit's Flop .  The major audio characters are John Avery Whittaker and Tom Riley, although Billy McPherson and Emma Douglas do make brief appearances.

Classics: The Second Six

The second set of six books finally have familiar characters.  The first five take place during the fall of the year before the radio episode 1: Whit's Flop (approximately three months before).  Book 7 looks at the early days of Oscar, Jack, and Lucy.  Book 8 deals with Jimmy accepting Christ. Books 9 and 10 are an Imagination Station adventure in which Jack Davis and Matt Booker travel back to a time period slightly after the story described in The Underground Railroad.  Book 11 is designed to set up the radio series and overlaps a bit of 4: Connie Comes To Town.  Book 12 takes place at the same time as the radio series, with many of the same early characters.  It takes place before 24: Gotcha!, but after 4: Connie Comes To Town.  It also features Patti and Mark again and gives resolve to the first six books.