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Episodes not included in an album (Unreleased MP3 Album marked bold with *)
8: Dental Dilemma (OUSA)*
11: Addictions Can Be Habit-Forming *
15: My Brother's Keeper (OUSA)*
16: No Stupid Questions (OUSA)*
19: Recollections (OUSA)*
22: A Simple Addition (OUSA)*
24: Gotcha! *
27: A Change of Hart *
30: Honor Thy Parents
44: It Sure Seems Like It To Me *
45: What Are We Going to Do About Halloween?*
70: The Return of Harley, Part 1 *
71: The Return of Harley, Part 2 *
85: You Go to School Where?  *
90: But, You Promised
128: One Bad Apple *
132: Thanksgiving at Home  *
134: Pamela Has a Problem  *
138: The Adventure of the Adventure  *
161: Isaac the True Friend  *
167: Dobson Comes to Town *(Focus on the Family Version)
434: BTV: Redeeming the Season *
435: A Look Back, Part 1  *
436: A Look Back, Part 2  *
438b: The Telltale Cat (Split) *
439: BTV: Grace *
442b: Sticks and Stones (Split) *
444a: Career Moves (Split) *

Unreleased Episodes I STILL Don't Have

17: A Member of the Family, Part 1
18: A Member of the Family, Part 2
21: The Case of the Missing Train Car
23: The Quality of Mercy
25: Harley Takes the Case, Part 1
26: Harley Takes the Case, Part 2
55: Auld Lang Syne
167: Dobson Comes to Town
370: Christmas Around the World, Part 1
371: Christmas Around the World, Part 2
461: BTV: Obedience

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