A detailed episode guide for all radio episodes 1987 to the present. Opinion articles and background information on AIO. A listing of the AIO production crew and voice actors. A complete list of all the named characters on AIO and the episodes they appeared in. Pictures, a map, and an article about the Whit's End in Colorado Springs. Take a look at our past contests and games. A listing of all the albums, along with reviews and ordering links. Information on the classic AIO series and the Passages books. Detailed information on the original and newest AIO vidoes. A complete listing of AIO merchandise, along with pictures, ordering links and notes. Find what you're looking for. Get this month's AIO radio schedule, along with an archive of recent episodes. Links to other AIO websites on the Internet. Interact with fellow fans. Archived news, schedules, and forums. See reviews of past shows or review a show yourself.
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It has occurred to me that some of you out there may not know about some of the features of this site, so here’s a brief summary of some of what is available.  Click here the AIOHQ Technical Details.

Radio Episodes -- These pages are the heart of this website, devoted to details on every single radio episode of AIO ever created.   Right now, there are more than 450 episodes including Family Portraits. They are listed by year, chronologically, and alphabetically. Each radio episode includes:
Essential Facts.  This section lists the writer, director, production engineer, original air date, scripture reference, and theme of the episode.  The names link to a listing of every single episode that person has worked on.
Collection.  Lists the album the episode is in and links to an album listing.
Plot.  Gives a very brief summary of the plot of the episode, usually of only a sentence or two.
Important Characters. Gives a list of the prominent characters of the episode.   Click on their name to see a complete listing of all of the episodes in which they appeared.
Notes.  This could include any of the following. GOOF ALERT points out possible errors in the episode. VERSION DIFFERENCE tells a difference between the album version and the radio version of the episode (some album versions have some scenes or parts of scenes added).  Notes also include remake information, such as where certain episodes were changed and re-released.  Notes sometimes also include a few things that are interesting about the episode, or will play a large part in later episodes, such as plotlines or questions I had about the episode.

Additionally there are pages for special types of AIO programs:

KIDS RADIO Broadcasts
Imagination Station Adventures
Room Of Consequence Experiences
BTV Episodes
AIO Short Skits
Bible stories
Historical stories

The following sections are under Episodes:

Reviews. Some fan takes on the episode and what they liked and disliked.

A note on my ratings: I think that nearly all AIO episodes are superior to any other series. There is such a high level of quality for AIO that nearly every episode is amazingly better than anything else on TV or radio. However, I had to have some way to compare episodes and so I rate episodes based on other AIO episodes. I give four stars only to the very best episodes. (If you give every episode four stars, the ratings loose their meaning.) I give 3 1/2 stars to the nearly perfect episodes and 3 stars to episodes I really liked. 2 1/2 stars are decent episodes, but don't rise to the level of memorable. 2 stars are average episodes, but not really that original or interesting. 1 1/2 are episodes that I don't like that well for some reason and 1 star episodes are just plain bad.  I also do not intend the ratings to be a "recommendation" for or against the episode.  All AIO episodes are worthy of listening.

If the review says SPOILER WARNING it means that if you have not listened to the episode yet, something in the review may make the episode less exciting or "edge-of-your-seat".  Since all reviews do this to some extent, I only apply the warning to reviews that reveal major plotlines.

Note: Starting with the fall of 2000, the reviews are "consolidated" or capsule reviews from all sites.
Storylines keeps track of the current storylines.
Quotes lists some of AIO listeners favorite quotes from the series.  Contribute your own quote!
References is one of my favorite portions of the site.    It includes information on where AIO episodes refer to The Andy Griffith Show, Star Trek, It's a Wonderful Life, Star Wars, and C.S. Lewis.
Jaw About Odyssey is where some of the contributors to this site give their two cents worth about what's happening in Odyssey.  Additionally, there are some research articles and interviews with AIO creators in this section.   

The subsections of this part of the site include:
My Adventure in Odyssey -- The webmaster's personal journal of his first summer working for Adventures in Odyssey.
Poems  -- Verses that fans have written about Adventures in Odyssey.
Bizarro AIO -- Parodies of Adventures in Odyssey
Behind the Scenes -- "Backstage" articles on Adventures in Odyssey.
Opinion Articles -- Various write-ups on general Odyssey stuff
Fan Interaction -- Links to the extensive places for fans to interact on the Internet.
Downloads -- Put AIOHQ wallpaper on your desktop!
Interviews -- Questions and answers from the Odyssey creators
Research Articles -- Various fact sheets and reference materials compiled by AIO fans 

Some of the most popular sections of Jaw About Odyssey include:
The Underground Railroad, a behind the scenes article on the most popular AIO episode.
Bizarro AIO, a parody script of AIO.
My Adventure in Odyssey, my personal experience working at Focus on the Family for a summer.

In the Know is a special section featuring AIO questions and collections, maintained by OdysseyFan.
Ask In the Know.  Have a tough Odyssey question?  Ask it here.  If we can't answer it, we'll forward it on to someone who can!
Collections.  See the collections of other OdysseyFans or submit your own.
AIO Games. Some fun Java games, maintained by OdysseyFan.
Chat. Talk with other Odyssey fans and, occasionally, AIO writers, production engineers, and actors.
People section
Production Crew.  An extensive listing of nearly everyone who has worked on AIO episodes from 1987 to the present.  Each name contains lists to every radio episode, video, or book the person worked on.
Voice Actors.  A listing of the main actors who have worked on AIO, along with some biography information, external links, and character listings.
Characters.  This collection of pages was a massive project.  It contains an alphabetical listing of every named character in AIO.   Under each name is listed all of the episodes that character appeared in.   Some of the major characters will have biographies.
Character Pairings.  Compiled by Anthony Strand, these pages list the episodes in which famous pairs (like Connie and Eugene) appeared together. 
Visit Whit's End Online contains a map, pictures, and an article about Whit's End, Colorado Springs.
Contests.  Every few months, we have a new contest where you can test your AIO knowledge or creativity.   Grand prizes can include AIO albums or tapes.
AIO Quiz.  More than 200 trivia questions to test your knowledge of AIO.
Collections lists all of the AIO audio albums released and links to their episodes.  Each album also includes a review, notes, images of the tape and CD versions and the CD itself, and links to order the album on the Internet.  This section also has a page for the AIO Theme Packs.
Books includes details on both book series by Paul McCusker.   Each book has space for plot, important characters, a review, and notes.
Classic Series.  The original series of 12 books.
Passages Series.  The book of stories set in a fantasy land called Marus.
Videos includes details on the series of 13 videos put out by FOTF and the new video series.  Each video contains an essential facts box with links to the writer and director of each episode, scripture reference, and theme.  The newest videos have a space where you can submit your own review.
Merchandise contains a complete listing of all AIO merchandise available, along with associated pictures.  You can order these items online by following the links on the pages. The section contains the following subsections:
Complete List of all Merchandise
Apparel is a listing of all the Odyssey wearables.
Stationary Products includes pen and pencil sets, sticker collections and more.
Computer Software has info on the two software products available from AIO.
Activity Packs has listings of the eight AIO activity pack which include some of the "best of" episodes and activities to go along with them
Books has books associated with AIO, but not the books that contribute to the AIO storylines (listed above)
Games contains a listing of AIO board games available.
Toys lists some of the AIO fun stuff.
Search. Want to find out all the pages with information about The Imagination Station?  Check here.
Schedule has a schedule of the most recent and upcoming AIO episodes.
AIO Links.  Contains links to many other AIO web pages out there on the Internet.
Forums.  These pages contain on-line discussion forums (or bulletin board) for any one who would like to exchange information, thought, questions, comments, concerns, or even complaints about AIO.
Town Hall.  This off-site forum is moderated by Dan Shane and is one of the very best places to discuss AIO.
Review the Latest Episode.  This forum is where you can discuss the very newest episodes that have come out.
Archive lists our past features.
Intro to Odyssey is a short article to introduce those new to Odyssey to the program.
FAQ is a list of questions that people often ask about this site.
Thank You to... Who makes this site possible?

If you ever have anything you would like to add to the site, or comment, please drop me an e-mail.  Thank you for taking this tour of the AIO HQ!  Click here to go back to the home page.