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And the winner is...Cliff Li!  You and your family have won an AIO album of your choice!

This month's runners up were: Victor Siebert Hanger and the Paul family.   They have each won an AIO tape of their chioce.  A special note to the winners...well done!  All the winners found all the words in the site.

This month's AIOHQ album contest was a scavenger hunt through AIOHQ.   In this contest, participants searched through the site to find word graphics in many different pages. 


Part 1: Odyssey Places

Part One of the contest was a search for the names of six AIO places.  These places were found in two parts which two different graphics located on various pages in the site.  Here was the first graphic:

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Here are all six places.  Click on the word to go to the page in which they were found.

Place 1: Trickle Lake
Place 2: McCallister Park
Place 3: Miller's Ravine
Place 4: Summit Mountain
Place 5: Stone Bridge
Place 6: Rock Creek

A note to those of you who had a bit of difficulty here...many of these places were from the AIO books.

Part 2: Odyssey Quotes and Phrases

Part Two of the contest was a search for four AIO phrases that will be familiar to long time fans.  These phrases were found by piecing together single words on black graphics throughout the site. Here was the first graphic:

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Here are all four phrases.  Click on the word to go to the page in which they were found.

Phrase 1: Obviously a philosophical work
Phrase 2: The best is yet to come
Phrase 3: It's thicker than a really thick thing
Phrase 4: I left Katrina in my laptop

This contest was created by OdysseyFan and Nathan Hoobler. AIOHQ is not affliated with Focus on the Family.