Shadowpaw's Collection


The Early Classics (1)
Grins, Grabbers, and Great Getaways (2)
Secrets, Suprises, and Sensational Stories (3)
Puns, Parables, and Perilous Predicaments (4)
Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes (5)
Terrific Tales, Mysterious Missions (6)
Courageous Characters, Fabulous Friends (7)
Cunning Capers, Exciting Escapades (8)
Amazing Antics, Dynamic Discoveries (9)
Other Times, Other Places (10)
It's Another Fine Day... (11)
It All Started When... (12)
At Home and Abroad (13)
Meanwhile, In Another Part of Town (14)
A Place of Wonder (15)
Flights of Imagination (16)
On Earth As It Is In Heaven (17)
A Time of Discovery (18)
Passport to Adventure (19)
Wish You Were Here (21)
Twists and Turns (23)
Risks and Rewards (24)
Darkness Before Dawn (25)
Back on the Air (26)
The Search for Whit (27)
Welcome Home (28)
Signed, Sealed and Committed (29)
Through Thick and Thin (30)
Days to Remember (31)
Virtual Realities (33)


A Journey of Choices (20)
The Changing Times (22)
Hidden Treasures (32)


Passages 1: Darien's Rise
Passages 2: Arin's Judgement
Passages 3: Annison's Risk
Passages 4: Glennall's Betrayal    -(Soon)
Passages 5: Draven's Defiance    -(Soon)
Passages 6: Fendar's Legacy        -(Soon)
The Complete Guide to Adventures in Odyssey
The Adventures in Odyssey Bible(OLD - Softcover)


1: The Knight Travellers
2: A Flight to the Finish
5: Star Quest
7: Electric Christmas
11: A Twist in Time
13: Baby Daze


Whit Action Figure
Eugene Action Figure
Dylan Action Figure
Sherman Action Figure

Episodes not included in an album

85: You Go to School Where?
90: But, You Promised
128: One Bad Apple
132: Thanksgiving at Home
134: Pamela Has a Problem
138: The Adventure of the Adventure
161: Isaac the True Friend
215: Caroling, Caroling
370: Christmas Around the World, Part 1
371: Christmas Around the World, Part 2
435: A Look Back, Part 1
436: A Look Back, Part 2

Odyssey USA episodes: (All of which with Odyssey USA on them) 

The Tangled Web
Bobby's Valentine
Dental Dilemma
Addictions Can Be Habit Forming
My Brother's Keeper
No Stupid Questions
1: Whit's Flop
2: The Life of the Party
3: Lights Out at Whit's End
4: Connie Comes To Town
5: Gifts for Madge and Guy
6: The Day After Christmas
7: Promises, Promises
9: Doing Unto Others
10: Nothing to Fear
12: The Tangled Web
13: Bobby's Valentine
14: Missed It By That Much